Princess Marie opens the ‘Spring in Tonder’ exhibition

Today, Princess Marie was in Tonder to open the ‘Spring in Tonder’ exhibition.

Princess Marie has a really close relationship with Tonder, as Patron of the Tonder Festival but also because Prince Joachim owned and has lived in Schackenborg Castle from 1993 to 2014. He is on the board of the Fondation that now owns the castle.

The ‘Spring in Tonder’ exhibition is held each year and allow local shops to exhibit their products to visitors and tourists.

Princess Marie officially opened the exhibition before touring the exhibition and meetings visitors.

Marie wore her Tara Jarmon beige coat first worn in 2014.

© Tara Jarmon

The rest of her outfit was the same as the one she wore at the opening of the BIGMUN conference on Wednesday. She wore her Sergio Rossi black ankle boots and her By Malene Birger clutch.

© Lyst
© Farfetch

Princess Marie opens the international BIGMUN Conference in Birkerod

Yesterday, Princess Marie was in Birkerod to open the international BIGMUN conference.

The conference is hosted by the MUN (Model United Nations) Society in Birkerod’s high school. It is a fictional scenario of an UN General Assembly allowing students from invited schools to discover how an UN General Assembly works for four days and to discuss and learn about international politics as the BIGMUN conference follows the same rules and protocols as the real UN conference.

Princess Marie gave the opening speech of the conference. Marie is patron of the danish branch of the UN organization for education and culture, as well as the danish branch of UNESCO and of the danish AIDS Fondation. All these topics are on the agenda of this conference.24 schools were invited this year : 10 from Denmark , 4 from Germany, 3 from the Netherlands, 2 from Spain, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Scotland, 1 from Lebanon and 1 from the USA. You can listen to a part of her speech in the video above and you can read it (in english) here.

For this event, Princess Marie wore a new Emporio Armani white jacket with a new black Zara turtleneck and black pants

© Luisa Via Roma



She also wore her By Malene Birger clutch and what looks like her Sergio Rossi ankle boots. She wore an old brooch with small diamond earrings.

© Lyst
© Farfetch

We’ll next see Princess Marie tomorrow when she’ll open the Summer in Tonder exhibition.


Princess Marie attends a diploma ceremony in Solrod Strand

Yesterday, Princess Marie was in Solrod Strand to attend the diploma ceremony of the Academy of Talented Youth.

The Academy for Talented Youth is for young people with special interests or abilities. The purpose of the academy is to inspire and challenge students and thus prepare them for an academic career. The Academy offers various lectures and technical workshop to its students in various academic disciplines.

Princess Marie made the opening speech of the ceremony and then listened to several students’ speeches. Here is Princess Marie’s speech:

“Dear graduates,

Congratulations on your well deserved diploma. It is a  concrete proof that you have completed the Academy of Talented Youth’s program.

You are special talents – chosen from your respective colleges because you are desirable to gain new knowledge and be empowered.

Over the past 2 years, you have participated in seminars, lectures and workshops, learned new knowledge and have been inspired by innovative business models and market access.

In a globalized world with crisp international competition, we need to do something more for our talented students.
It is crucial that we create special opportunities for you.
Just like the offers and courses you’ve just completed, where you can be challenged and flourish in innovative and academic environments.

We must grow and strengthen our talent mass, so Denmark can be a pioneer country that can compete internationally.
Because we simply can not keep up with the rapid development if we do not offer a developing and creative framework for the coolest and most motivated young Danes who will make a difference and create value for our society.

You are all motivated and ready to make an extra effort.
It’s just your greatest talent! Motivation and dedication will lead you to life.
The competition between the best talents is hard.
I have experienced that from the years I studied and worked in Boston, New York, Paris and Geneva.

You have completed a talent development program that will enable you to meet your potential. But your exciting journey has just begun!
There is a lot to learn. There are many experiences you still have to do.

You will soon choose which education you want to throw over.
Perhaps the academic race has made the choice easier – either knowing what to want or, at least, what do you not want to study at the university.

My advice to you is to choose a study with both brain and heart: There must be good job opportunities for you, but it certainly must also be a field of knowledge you are passionate about.

Therefore, I would also encourage you to seek inspiration, knowledge and new social relations abroad through more study and internship.
You will not regret it! I know from my own youth that it can change your life!

Remember, there will always be fights and challenges on your way. Fortunately! Because it is the challenges that shape and develop you.

Once again congratulations on your diplomas. I wish you good luck forever. “

She then had the opportunity to met some of the 400 students that were getting their diploma.

Before leaving, Princess Marie had the opportunity to pose for a photo with the 400 students.

For this event, Princess Marie wore a new Zara coat with navy pants.
© Zara
She added new burgundy suede and leather By Malene Birger pumps and her old UFO burgundy clutch.
She wore her daisy brooch on the coat and sapphire earrings.
© By Malene Birger