UPDATED : Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at the Make-A-Wish Charity Dinner

On Thursday night, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the Make-A-Wish Fondation Charity Dinner.

The Make-A-Wish Fondation was created 18 years ago in Denmark and has fulfilled 1700 ill childrend’s wishes since then. The Fondation raised 620000 Danish Kroner during the auction.

UPDATE: Here are scans from this week’s issue of Billed-Bladet with some more photos of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie! Thanks to Cecile for sharing them with me!

©Billed-Bladet scans
©Billed-Bladet scans
©Billed-Bladet scans

Marie wore the Erdem ‘Meg’ silk-voile dress for this charity dinner with the earrings she first wore at the Gala dinner during the Belgium State Visit in March. She also wore an old UFO black coat.

© MatchesFashion

Marie also wore new Jimmy Choo pumps (thanks to Cecile) and the black UFO clutch she first wore at the Gala Dinner during the Mexican State Visit to Denmark in April 2016.

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Princess Marie at the National Forum for Prevention of Accidents

Yesterday, Princess Marie attended the National Forum for Prevention of Accidents in the Citadel in Copenhagen. This event wasn’t announced by the Court , it wasn’t on the calendar but we don’t know the reason why.

The National Forum is hosted by the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and it is the first edition. Marie started job last June as special assistant in prevention project but she has worked with DEMA since 2011, taking part in trainings, prevention days in schools and official ceremonies before taking on the (non-paid) job.

DEMA aims to increase prevention of accidents through the forum as it reunites professionals from all sectors involved, associations and volunteers.
The forum is part of DEMA’s new national strategy, presented earlier this year. The work of the forum supports two objectives: “Fewer death and injuries related to fires, storms or big flood & Increasing risk awareness and decisiveness, self-reliance and helpfulness of the population before, during and after serious accidents or disasters “

Princess Marie opened the forum with a speech.  Professional presentations were made during the day, with working groups being created, allowing a better communication between groups in charge of prevention. You can see more photo here.


Marie wore a simple recycled outfit for this event. She wore her old grey turtleneck with a black UFO blazer owned since 2015 and black pants. I think she wore her Sergio Rossi black suede ankle boots and her YSL black bag.


© Farfetch

Due to the limited number of photos , I can’t tell you which jewelry she wore but I’ll update the post if other photos appear. We’ll next see Marie and Joachim on Sunday when they will attend a reception for the Schackenborg Fond.

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Queen Margrethe’s 77th birthday in Marselisborg Palace

Yesterday was Queen Margrethe’s 77th birthday! The whole family was reunited in Marselisborg Palace for the occasion. Only Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix weren’t there.

At noon, the family went out on the Palace’s balcony to celebrate the Queen’s birthday with the crowd in front. Queen Margrethe always celebrates her birthday by a little ceremony on the balcony, it doesn’t always happen in Marselisborg Palace, the last time was in 2014.

The real stars of the show were the two cousins, Princesses Josephine and Athena who had a lot of fun!

For this event, Princess Marie wore a new grey and purple coat and her Hugo Boss ‘Kusima’ dress that she first wore last week when she received the Légion d’Honneur. The coat is still UFO but I’ll update the post once we have an ID.

© Hugo Boss

I can’t really say which jewelry Marie is wearing but I think she wore her new favorite Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ suede pumps.

© Jimmy Choo

This looked like a fun family outing for the Danish Royal Family.



Princess Marie receives the Légion d’Honneur

Yesterday, Princess Marie received the highest French order at the French Embassy in Copenhagen. She was made Grand Officier dans l’Ordre de la Légion d’Honneur (Grand Officer of the Order of the Légion of Honour). Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are Grand Cross of the Légion of Honour which is the highest rank, Grand Officer being only one rank lower.

French Ambassador to Denmark François Zimeray was the one who gave the order to Marie. Billed-Bladet reports that Marie said that it was a great honor for her and that she would like to share it with her husband, her family, her staff, her patronages and the people that surrounds her. She said: “To be decorated by my country of birth, France, in Denmark, my country of heart, is for me both moving and an expression of esteem and friendship. Working for one country without forgetting the other is what motivates my actions and my commitment to bring these two countries together through culture, education and by supporting good humanitarian and social causes”. You can read the ambassador’s speech here.

Princess Marie was accompanied by her husband , Prince Joachim, her parents Françoise Grassiot and Alain Cavallier, her brothers and her father-in-law Prince Henrik. Marie was born in France but she had to renounce her French citizenship upon her wedding to Prince Joachim in 2008. She received the order as a foreigner. You can see more photos of the day here.

For this big honor, Marie wore a new burgundy dress, the Hugo Boss ‘Kusima ‘ dress.

© Hugo Boss

She wore her new favorite Jimmy Choo pumps and her Etui Bags clutch that she seems to really like as she wore it to all of her events in the past two weeks.


© Jimmy Choo

She also wore her UFO diamond bracelet and earrings with her fleur de lis brooch , that she debuted on Christmas Day last year. I thought it was very fitting brooch for the occasion, as the fleur de lis is one of the emblem of France.

The royal family is now on Easter holiday but we’ll see them all again for Queen Margrethe’s birthday on April 16.

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Princess Marie visits Hans Christian Andersen Children Hospital in Odense

Today, Princess Marie was in Odense at the Hans Christian Andersen Children Hospital. Princess Marie works very closely with the hospital to help strengthen awareness of the hospital and its effort to treat children and has visited it many times.

Today, she was there to officially open the new Children surgical center of the hospital and take part in the research conference that followed. Billed-Bladet reports that the flower girl, Melina, was really glad to meet Marie and Marie surprised her when she took Melina to the podium with her to officially open the new wing.

Marie wore a new white printed Hugo Boss dress with a UFO black blazer first worn in 2015.

She also wore her new favorite Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ nude suede pumps and her old UFO clutch.

© Jimmy Choo

Her earrings are her favorite earrings by Christine Hvelplund.

© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Marie on Friday when she’ll receive the Légion d’Honneur. It was also announced that Prince Henrik went back to France to attend the funeral of his late brother-in-law who died last week.