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Princess Marie visits Hans Christian Andersen Children Hospital in Odense

Today, Princess Marie was in Odense at the Hans Christian Andersen Children Hospital. Princess Marie works very closely with the hospital to help strengthen awareness of the hospital and its effort to treat children and has visited it many times.

Today, she was there to officially open the new Children surgical center of the hospital and take part in the research conference that followed. Billed-Bladet reports that the flower girl, Melina, was really glad to meet Marie and Marie surprised her when she took Melina to the podium with her to officially open the new wing.

Marie wore a new white printed Hugo Boss dress with a UFO black blazer first worn in 2015.
© debijenkorf.nl

She also wore her new favorite Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ nude suede pumps and her old UFO clutch.

© Jimmy Choo

Her earrings are her favorite earrings by Christine Hvelplund.

© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Marie on Friday when she’ll receive the Légion d’Honneur. It was also announced that Prince Henrik went back to France to attend the funeral of his late brother-in-law who died last week.

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