Prince Joachim and Princess Marie open Sternfahrt Festival at Sonderborg Castle

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Sonderborg to open the 2017 Sternfahrt Festival at Sonderborg Castle. The Sternfahrt Festival is an international festival for fire and rescue workers. It was first held in Austria in 1976 and since then , it is held in different places in Europe every two years. The festival, which is held from May 25th to May 28th , will welcome around 3000 volunteer fire and rescue workers from 15 different countries, according to Kongehuset.

The festival aims to allow exchanges of experience and better cooperation between fire and rescue teams across Europe. It organizes exhibition and conferences to achieve that goal. The previous edition of the festival was in Switzerland in 2015. reports that Marie was very interested and curious while Joachim was mostly interest in the old vehicles that were displayed, he is indeed a big fan of old cars.

The couple was joined by Health Minister Ellen Trane Norby and Sonderborg’s Mayor Erik Lauritzen. Princess Marie made the opening speech of the festival.
Princess Marie said : ” My husband, Prince Joachim and I are honored to be the guests today to celebrate the 22nd Sternfahrt festival here in Sonderborg. It is a long and beautiful tradition that celebrates the noble spirit of the volunteer fire and rescue workers. Volunteering is the ultimate devotion and we are here today to support and honor the volunteers.” You can read the rest of her speech here.

Marie wore her Miu Miu coat , first worn in 2015 , and a Ganni dress, first worn in 2014.
© Net-A-Porter
© The Real Real

She also wore her LK Bennett shoes and clutch , one of her favorite combo.

© LK Bennett
© LK Bennett

As for jewelry, I don’t have any information about her earrings, bracelet and ring. But I can tell you that the other ring is one of her favorite by Christine Hvelplund, a gift from Prince Joachim reportedly. She is also wearing her fleur-de-lys brooch.

© Christine Hvelplund

It seemed like a really fun event for both Joachim and Marie! We’ll next see Marie on June 8th , when she’ll attend the Ambassadors’s Literature Prize ceremony.

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