Princess Marie and Princess Laurentien meet to talk about literacy

Today, Princess Marie was at the Ministy of Education in Copenhagen to meet with the Minister of Education Merete Riisager and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands. The main topic of their meeting was “How do we ensure that young adults have the necessary reading and other skills to succeed in education, in their job and as democratic citizens in a global world?” according to the Ministry of Education.

Marie is the Patron of the Danish National Commission for UNESCO and talked about how important it is for students to learn and share together language and cultural differences across borders. Laurentien is a member of the UNESCO Global Alliance for Literacy and shared her experience working with this group and the efforts she noticed during her various meetings in the Netherlands and abroad. The Minister of Education let them know what was the Danish government stand on the issue and the initiatives for better education that the government started recently.

For this meeting, Princess Marie wore her Alexander McQueen pink blazer and possibly her Hugo Boss white blouse.


© Lyst
© Hugo Boss


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