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Princess Marie takes part in the Disaster Recovery Day

Today, Princess Marie took part in the Disaster Recovery Day at the Nordjylland Emergency Board in Thisted. This day is organized by the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) of which Marie is Patron since 2011.

She even started working as a Special Assistant for Prevention Projects in June 2016. She took part in the first National Forum for Prevention of Accidents organized by DEMA last April, taking part in several meetings like this one in January 2017.

The Disaster Recovery Day aims to shows the resources and abilities of the DEMA and the emergency services to be prepared and to do their job during big emergencies such as natural catastrophes.

The students of the Nordjylland Emergency Board as well as commanders showed their skills and abilities during training exercises and demonstrations.

The day also aimed to educate adults and children about the appropriate response to a big emergency happening near them. DEMA aims to reduce the numbers of victims of big emergencies by being more prepared but also by teaching people how to react appropriately and safely to these emergencies.

We’ll next see Marie tomorrow when she visits the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival , which she opened on Thursday.

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