H.C. Andersen Børnehospital, Visits

Princess Marie attends H.C Andersen Children Hospital’s Christmas Party

Yesterday, Princess Marie visited H.C Andersen Children Hospital in Odense in order to attend their Christmas Party. This event was not announced by the court beforehand and it is unclear why.

Princess Marie first visited the Legeheltene activities.  Legeheltene is a cooperation between the Hospital and the Borneslykke Fonden  . The professionals are at the hospital three days a week and this cooperation aims to allow the patient to be more active physically during their stay.

 Princess Marie, the children and their families then watched the Christmas concert.

 H.C Andersen Children Hospital treats all types of diseases in children and teenagers from birth to 18. Princess Marie has been working closely with the hospital since 2015 but had already visited it in 2013.


Princess Marie wore a new Zara red blazer and a new Zara turtleneck pearl sweater. Her trousers could be from Zara and her new shoes could be from Sergio Rossi but I don’t have confirmation for those yet.

© Zara
© Zara

This was most likely the last event for Marie in 2017. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena will spend Christmas abroad, probably in France.
In other news, a documentary about Prince Joachim will be broadcasted on TV2 on December 27th.


Princess Marie attends the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer’s Order.

Yesterday, Princess Marie attended the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer’s Order at the University of Copenhagen. The Lecturer’s Order is an order for Danish professors who teach the danish language and the danish culture to students abroad.

Princess Marie opened the event with a speech. Other guests included Anne Knudsen, author Jens Christian Grondahl and a formed danish lecturer in Poland as well as translators, Danish students, business leaders and the students of the University of Copenhagen. All of the guests will talk about their experiences with foreign languages around the world and how important it is to learn foreign language.

You can read Marie’s speech here and you can see more photos here.

Princess Marie is very involved in the teaching and sharing of different languages and cultures abroad. She was born in France, studied in Switzerland , worked in New York and is now living in Denmark and she said many times how important it was to her to learn and adapt to these new cultures. She is the Patron of the Danish Student House in Paris and she also works closely with the University of South Jutland to welcome more and more foreign students in Denmark.

Princess Marie wore a new pink coat with old grey turtleneck and pants. She wore her daisy brooch, her Gianvito Rossi grey pumps and old UFO earrings.

© Lyst

Princess Marie attends the L’Oreal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2017

Today, Princess Marie attended the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2017 as Patron of the Danish Committee of UNESCO. These awards were created in Denmark in 2007 by the L’Oreal Foundation and UNESCO. The awards exist in different countries as well.

Princess Marie has previously attended in 2013 and in 2015 . Over the years , 97 awards have been given in different countries and two recipients have won a Nobel Prize. This year’s Danish edition was special as it was the 10th anniversary of the awards in Denmark.

The awards aims to recognize women in science and push women to expose their ideas and their works. Each year, three women are chosen among the contestants to receive the awards. This year’s winners are Katrine Ter-Borch Gram Schjoldager from the University of Copenhagen, Kirsten Marie Ornsbjerg from the Chemical Institute of the University of Copenhagen and Sofia Ribeiro from the Geological Survey for Denmark and Greenland Institute. Each winner also gets 100000 kr ( = around $16,000 ) for further research.

Princess Marie gave a short speech , praising the women and saying how important it is that more and more women are recognized in their field of research even though scientific research is still a field dominated by men.


Princess Marie wore an UFO black pant suit from 2015 with a new Hugo Boss blouse.

© Hugo Boss

She also wore her Sergio Rossi black ankle boots,  her old JEWLSCPH earrings and her Christine Hvelplund bracelet.

© Farfetch
© Christine Hvelplund

We’ll next see Princess Marie on December 7, as she will attend the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer’s Order.

AIDS-Fondet, Visits

Princess Marie attends World AIDS Day event

Today, Princess Marie ,as Patron of AIDS-Fondet, attended an event in honor of World AIDS Day.
Princess Marie is Patron of AIDS-Fondet since December 1st, 2012. She is very involved in the cause and she attended AIDS-Fondet’s Christmas concert last week.

Marie brought her children, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, with her. She had also brought them the last time she attended the event in 2014 (with Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix).
Each year, candles are lit in honor of those who lost their lives because of HIV. This event was created in 1994 by the Positive Group. The Positive Group offers support for people infected by HIV.

In honor of World AIDS Day, Marie gave an interview to Out & About, a Danish LGBTQ magazine, you can read the translation I made here.
© Chris Christophersen / Out & About
Princess Marie wore a new black double breasted coat with a red turtleneck top and black pants.
I don’t have enough photos to be sure but I believe she also wore her Sergio Rossi black suede ankle boots and her Christine Hvelplund earrings.
© Farfetch

Princess Marie gives an interview to ‘Out & About’

Princess Marie is on the cover of Danish magazine ‘Out & About’ for their December issue ! Out & About is a LGBTQ magazine. I translated the full interview below.

© Chris Christophersen / Out & About

The 1st of December is World AIDS Day, which is marked worldwide. In Copenhagen, the attention is especially directed at Gammeltorv, where the Positivgruppen lights 2000 candles in memory of the people in Denmark who are dead of AIDS. An important guest at the lightning is Her Royal Highness Princess Marie.
“There is a very special mood, with a mixture of sadness and hope: one can express their respect for those who are no longer here. But at the same time there is also a positive mood of hope because of the advances in HIV treatment” says Princess Marie

© aidsfondet.dk

On World AIDS Day six years ago, Princess Marie became Patron of AIDS-Fondet.

“This is a very important cause. HIV is a virus that has killed millions of people worldwide and still affects many people. Therefore, I am pleased to help focus on AIDS-Fondet’s work and I really want to help break down the prejudices that make so many HIV-infected people live in loneliness and fear of other people’s reactions.
I remember i met an HIV positive young woman, who often finds that people do not want to touch her and kiss her. I was naturally sad to hear that it was her life and it surprised me too. It shows that we have a big informative work to do – even here in Denmark “

© Chris Christophersen /oaonline.dk
As Patron of AIDS-Fondet, Princess Marie has presented prizes for HIV-positive people, including two gay men, Preben Bakbo Sloth and Jakob Hedegaard.
The royal shoulder clap from Princess Marie has had a positive impact on both Preben Bakbo Sloth and Jakob Hedegaard. They told Out & About that it helped their parents break down the taboo about their sons’s HIV diagnosis: The HIV prize offered by Princess Marie made it easier for parents to start telling friends that their son is HIV positive.

“You don’t always know what differences you can make. Of course, I’m doing it with my heart when I’m out with AIDS-Fondet. But I’m also happy to hear when it matters to other people.”
The princess also enjoys the many talks she has had with volunteers in the AIDS Fund and other HIV organizations.
“I am also a volunteer – and I am very proud to be the Patron of AIDS-Fondet.”

In September, Princess Marie, spoke at a charity reception for the ‘A Generation Without HIV’ campaign. This reception raised $ 150,000 to prevent maternal childhood infections in Ethiopia.
“It’s a subject that really affects me. You almost can not imagine how terrible it is for a mother to hear: ” You’ve infected your child with HIV”. I can not bear the idea that a child is born with HIV when we know how to avoid it with the right treatment. Therefore, we should continue to work for more people to gain access to this treatment.” 

© Chris Christophersen / Out & About

In Denmark, gay and bisexual men are the ones who are the most infected with HIV.
“I have met many HIV-infected people, and I have been privileged to be allowed to hear their stories,” says Princess Marie.
The princess did not want to go into the personal stories that have impressed her.
Those stories I keep for myself by respect for the people who told me. It is not easy for them to talk about, with the prejudices that are about HIV. Some HIV-infected people do not tell their stories to their closest family.
It is very important for me that we fight to remove the irrational fear of HIV and to fight prejudice and stigmatization against people with HIV. Prejudice and discrimination comes from people’s ignorance and insecurity, and it affects more and more different people; It’s not just sexual orientation, but religion, color and nationality.

© Chris Christophersen / Out & About
In 2016, Princess Marie joined the Copenhagen Pride Parade together with the AIDS Fund. She became the first member of the Danish royal house, who has participated in a pride in Denmark.
In fact, that was not the first time I’ve joined a pride. Before I became a princess, I’ve participated in many pride parades. The first was when I lived in New York and I was around 18-20 years old old.I was very proud to support the freedom to be yourself . I have always found that diversity makes the world better.
Princess Marie laughs as Out & About asks if the Itinerary of the Pride  from Frederiksberg Townhouse to Kobenhavn Town Hall was not too long.
No, it’s not too long. It’s a nice trip and a good party with amazing atmosphere and lots of positive people,” the Princess says about her participation in Copenhagen Pride.
© Chris Christophersen / oaonline.dk

“To me, the message of Pride is about the freedom to be yourself. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you must be allowed to be yourself.”

As the interview is almost finished, Princess Marie herself brings the topic of the 2021 World Pride which will take place in Copenhagen and Denmark.
“I’m very glad that we will be for WorldPride in 2021. It will be really exciting.
Denmark can do a lot for the world and we already do a lot. We are a country of freedom and democracy, and here gays can get married. When we are host to a major event like WorldPride, we can even pave the world with blissful values. We live in a globalized world, and we are called upon to get to know each other, talk together and travel around the world to accept each other’s differences.”

© oaonline.dk

For this interview , Princess Marie wore her Ganni top first worn in 2015 with her Christine Hvelplund earrings and what looks like a new coat or jacket.

© Ganni
© Christine Hvelplund