Princess Marie attends the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer’s Order.

Yesterday, Princess Marie attended the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer’s Order at the University of Copenhagen. The Lecturer’s Order is an order for Danish professors who teach the danish language and the danish culture to students abroad.

Princess Marie opened the event with a speech. Other guests included Anne Knudsen, author Jens Christian Grondahl and a formed danish lecturer in Poland as well as translators, Danish students, business leaders and the students of the University of Copenhagen. All of the guests will talk about their experiences with foreign languages around the world and how important it is to learn foreign language.

You can read Marie’s speech here and you can see more photos here.

Princess Marie is very involved in the teaching and sharing of different languages and cultures abroad. She was born in France, studied in Switzerland , worked in New York and is now living in Denmark and she said many times how important it was to her to learn and adapt to these new cultures. She is the Patron of the Danish Student House in Paris and she also works closely with the University of South Jutland to welcome more and more foreign students in Denmark.

Princess Marie wore a new pink coat with old grey turtleneck and pants. She wore her daisy brooch, her Gianvito Rossi grey pumps and old UFO earrings.

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