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Princess Marie attends H.C Andersen Children Hospital’s Christmas Party

Yesterday, Princess Marie visited H.C Andersen Children Hospital in Odense in order to attend their Christmas Party. This event was not announced by the court beforehand and it is unclear why.

Princess Marie first visited the Legeheltene activities.  Legeheltene is a cooperation between the Hospital and the Borneslykke Fonden  . The professionals are at the hospital three days a week and this cooperation aims to allow the patient to be more active physically during their stay.

 Princess Marie, the children and their families then watched the Christmas concert.
 H.C Andersen Children Hospital treats all types of diseases in children and teenagers from birth to 18. Princess Marie has been working closely with the hospital since 2015 but had already visited it in 2013.


Princess Marie wore a new Zara red blazer and a new Zara turtleneck pearl sweater. Her trousers could be from Zara and her new shoes could be from Sergio Rossi but I don’t have confirmation for those yet.

© Zara
© Zara

This was most likely the last event for Marie in 2017. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena will spend Christmas abroad, probably in France.
In other news, a documentary about Prince Joachim will be broadcasted on TV2 on December 27th.

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