2017 in review: how much did they work and how much did they spend ?

After yesterday’s first gala event of the year , it is time to look back on 2017.

© Kongehuset
During the whole year, with Sarah my fellow editor on Ufonomore, I kept a tally of the days worked by the member of the Danish Royal Family. It is the first year but I will definitely will continue to do that in 2018. In this tally, you can see the numbers of days worked (and not events) by each member of the royal family. Prince Henrik was in semi-retirement until the diagnosis of his dementia was made public this summer , this is why his numbers are at 0 for the following months. He will not be included in next year’s tally.  I was surprised by the Crown Prince couple’s numbers as I would have thought that Crown Prince Frederik, as the heir, would have worked more days than Crown Princess Mary.


© Heaven LeeMiller/ UFO No More

While I don’t have my own numbers for 2016, Ekstra Bladet noted that Queen Margrethe worked more days while Crown Prince Frederik worked less days than in 2016 which can be seen as a sign that Queen Margrethe will not abdicate anytime soon according to experts. (You can see my thread about Ekstra Bladet’s numbers here – they’re different than mine even when excluding unannounced events and I’m not sure why. )

It is important to note that every member of the royal family works more than these numbers because there are countless hours of meetings and preparation behind each of these events and they are not on the calendar. Furthermore, both Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have day jobs. Prince Joachim works in the Armed Forces while Princess Marie is a special project assistant for the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

If you wish to see the numbers of days worked by the Swedish royal family, you can visit Sarah’s blog here.

In addition to the days worked tally, I kept a spending tally for both Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie.

© Heaven LeeMiller/ UFO No More

Every new thing worn by the Princesses , whether on public events or private outings, were added to the tally. The numbers included are the prices of items debuted this year with a known (or estimated) price. The numbers excluded are custom made pieces without prices and UFOs. So it is important to take into account that the total numbers are actually higher because of the huge number of UFOs we have for both Princesses this year. However, the Princesses pay for their clothes privately.

What do you think about these numbers ? Are you surprised or were you expecting them ?

If you want to compare these spending with the other royal ladies, you can visit our blog Ufonomore where Brittani wrote a full post about the spendings of more than 10 royal ladies , here !

If you wish to use these numbers , please credit me and link back to the original post. For more information, please send me an email.

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