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Princess Marie hosts ten children in her home to teach them about food waste

Today, Princess Marie hosts ten children in her home of Klampenborg to teach them about food waste. Prince Henrik and Princess Athena joined her for the event.

The children were selected from Helsingor school and together with Princess Marie, TV Chef Timm Vladimir and Selina Juul, they cooked a menu established by Marie and Timm.They will cook a soup made of lean beetroot with potatoes, they will bake the garden apples in the oven and they use carrot peaks to make a pesto.

The aim of this event is to show these children how to cook with simple products and how to avoid food waste.These children are future consumers and Princess Marie is ” keen to make more consumers understand that the food is being thrown belongs to the dinner table and not in the bin.”


Selina Juul, founder of Stop Spild Af Mad, said  :“For the past ten years, we have helped Danes avoid food waste, so it is really positive and pleasing that HRH Princess Marie and the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival are actively involved in the fight against food waste. It is especially important to teach children and young people who are future consumers to gain a greater respect for the food.”

You can see a video of the event here and here.

This event is the last of a string of events focusing on food waste from Princess Marie, continuing last year’s trend. This is clearly one of her most important causes right now and with the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, of which she is Patron, choosing food waste as their 2018 cause, I’m sure we can expect to see more of Princess Marie’s involvement with this cause and Stop Spild Af Mad in the coming months.

© Stop Spild Af Mad

August 2018 will be the peak of the campaign for the fight against food waste for Princess Marie as she will open and visit the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival ( which takes place from the 24th to September 2nd) and we can also expect her to attend the World Food Summit 2018 – Better Food For More People (on August 30th and 31st) as she is their Patron and she attended last year’s summit.


Here’s a look back at Princess Marie’s events linked with food waste :

In February 2016, Princess Marie opened Denmark’s first surplus supermarket WeFood as Patron of DanChurchAid.

 In November 2016, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended a big charity gala dinner hosted by Stop Spild af Mad and Danish People’s Aid of which Joachim and Marie are both Patrons.

In August 2017 , Princess Marie became the official Patron of the World Food Summit- Better Food for More People. She had already attended the opening dinner of the 2016 Summit but she attended the full summit in 2017.

In November 2017, Princess Marie gave two interviews about food waste, one to a Brazilian TV Channel and one with a French TV Channel with Selina Juul.

© France 2 video
© Globo Reporter video

Earlier this month , she met with the World Resources Institute’s President and Board to discuss Denmark’s initiatives in the fight against food waste.

Here is why you should avoid food waste according to Stop Spild Af Mad. You can also learn how to avoid food waste traps here.

© Stop Spild Af Mad

For this fun but important event, Princess Marie wore a new sweater with a customized apron!

No more events were announced for Marie by the Court so far but I’m sure some will be announced later.

A huge thanks to Selina Juul for sharing information with me !

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