Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend the presentation of ‘Fyrstelige Maltider’ at Amalienborg

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the presentation of ‘Fyrstelige Maltider’ (‘Princely Meals) at Amalienborg Museum in Copenhagen. Both Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are involved in Denmark’s fight against food waste which made them excellent representatives for the book today.

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Fyrstelige Maltider is the first book of its kind to gather knowledge about and describe the meals of the princely and nobility over the centuries.  The book tells, among other things, about the shelter and the various meals of the meal as well as the raw materials underlying the different dishes. Here is more information from the press release :
The book describes the rankings at the meal, the shelter and different meal serving forms and the many raw materials on which they were based refined dishes that were put on the richly covered tables. […] It is written by the country’s leading experts in food history and caters to everyone with one interest in both court culture and cuisine.”

During the presentation, Prince Joachim held a speech in which he revealed that his father, Prince Henrik, had a big influence on his food habits. He said that Prince Henrik would always tell him that  “There is no bad food, only bad manners. […] My father has always said everything can be eaten, and he is quite right”. Prince Joachim also said that Prince Henrik always wanted his sons to eat the food that was served on their plates.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and the guests also had the opportunity to taste some of the meals that were described in the book.

You can see a video here.

For this event, Princess Marie wore her Marni green printed blouse. She first wore it during an official visit to Iceland in 2016. She paired the blouse with black trousers and black suede ankle boots, although I can’t tell which ones exactly.

© Lyst

She carried her Carlend Copenhagen ‘Aicha’ clutch, first worn last December. Her earrings are old and UFO but I believe she wore a new ring.

©Carlend Copenhagen

Princess Marie doesn’t have any other events announced for February so far but tomorrow is her birthday! Princess Marie will celebrate her 42nd birthday privately.

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