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A research seminar on allergies at H.C Andersen Children Hospital and a new campaign against land mines for Princess Marie !

Today, Princess Marie was in Odense to visit the H.C Andersen Children Hospital. Princess Marie works closely with the hospital since 2013 and she makes a lot of visits each year, the latest one being a private visit in December 2017.


Princess Marie first visited the Asthma School. Nurse Anne Marie Bro Hofbauer explains: “The purpose of Odense Asthma School is to give the children a greater understanding of the disease and the medicine they receive, but also to show them that they can do much more than they think. They can run longer and jump higher than they thought. Most importantly, they live a very ordinary and active life, just like all other children and young people. We try to help them.”


The project aims to teach both children and parents about asthma but also how to move and do sports when you have asthma with the collaboration of students from the University of South Denmark.


After this meeting, Princess Marie attended the research seminar about asthma and allergies.


Four presentations took place :

  • “Allergy to nuts – but which ones?” by chief physician Josefine Gradman
  • “Can a ‘grass tablet’ prevent asthma?” by Professor Susanne Halken
  • Presentation of the Odense Asthma School of Nurse Anne Marie Bro Hofbauer
  • “Participation in trials – viewed from the parents’ point of view” by Bente Lassere, parent of children who participated in the research project GAP

Finally, Princess Marie visited Ællingen which is a playground for children from 6 to 12 years old run by young volunteers from Red Cross Hungary. Ællingen is opened two afternoons a week for all children, whether they are patients or relatives of a patient. Ællingen aims to give the children independent and fun experiences independent of illness, diagnosis and parents.


Princess Marie wore a new IRO jacket today! The ‘Awa’ jacket is a belted wool-blend jacket with leather trims on the inside. It is not the first time Marie has worn this French brand. She wore another IRO jacket in 2015.

© The Outnet

She wore a black short sleeve top with black trousers and UFO black ankle boots that she first wore last year. Her snakeskin bag is also new and it is by Mauro Orietti Carella, the former designer of Zagliani, one of Marie’s favorite brands.

© Boutique Charivari

In other news, Princess Marie as Patron of DanChurchAid is taking part in their campaign for the removing of landmines and unexploded munitions. She filmed a video message to support their work :

Here is the translation of her message: DanChurchAid is focusing on the important work of clearing mines. Every year, more than 2000 people die from landmines and unexploded ammunition. But mines do not kill people only. Landmines maintain millions of men in poverty and prevent reconstruction and development. Landmines make it impossible to cultivate the earth and thus provide food to thousands of families.Landmines prevent children from giving safe to and from school. They prevent children from playing freely and just being children.
That is why I support the efforts of the DanChurchAid in removing land mines with the victims and the teaching of how to avoid landmines.”

She wore a new turtleneck top from By Malene Birger. It features a side slit so I really hope Marie will wear it again so that we can see it fully!

© The Outnet

We’ll next see Princess Marie on Monday when she will attend the launch of new teaching materials against food waste by the Copenhagen Municipality.


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