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Princess Marie visits ‘Ready to Start’ and the Youth Education Center

On Friday, Princess Marie visited a project sponsored by the National Association for Autism as Patron as well as the Youth Education Center.

The project ‘Ready to Start’ which aims to help young autistic people getting a job was created in collaboration with the Youth Foundation who helps autistic people since 2007: ‘ ‘Ready to Start’ is a graduation process targeted at the majority of young people with an autism diagnosis. The course is conducted throughout the country in cooperation with a number of educational institutions and partner companies, offering nothing less than job guarantee for the course participants.’

Several Danish companies have accepted to collaborate with the ‘Ready to Start’ program – including Fakta and ILVA – ensuring that every person taking part in the program will have a job in the end.

As Patron of the National Association for Autism since 2011, Princess Marie visited the Fakta store where two young autistic people got a job thanks to the ‘Ready to Start’ program. These two people explained to Princess Marie how important it was for them to have a job, to be a part of the workforce and to meet new people in their everyday life. Since the beginning of the collaboration between Fakta and the ‘Ready to Start’ program,  70 autistic people have been employed at a national level in the chain’s stores.

After her visit to the Fakta store, Princess Marie visited the Youth Education Center -created by the Youth Foundation- where she took part in the graduation ceremony of six students. She then had the opportunity to learn more about the various activities in the education center.

You can see a photo of Marie’s full outfit here and a video of Marie at the event here.

For these events, Princess Marie wore one of her classic outfits. The jacket is old and still UFO but she wore a new blue top by Tara Jarmon. It seems like Tara Jarmon is becoming one of her regular brands now.

© Tara Jarmon

She wore black pants with her By Malene Birger grey pumps and her very old UFO clutch.

© By Malene Birger

Marie also wore the brooch she first wore at Prince Henrik’s funeral. I can’t help but wonder if maybe it was a gift from Prince Henrik but unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever get confirmation of the origin of the brooch. It seems that she also wore her Christine Hvelplund ‘H&A’ necklace.

Capture d_écran 2018-06-24 à 01.13.38
© Anders Riis

We will see Princess Marie and Prince Joachim next Friday when they will attend the premiere of a play.

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