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EXCLUSIVE: Princess Marie’s new ‘Nuits Claires’ tiara by Mauboussin

I am very pleased and excited to be able to give you all the information I gathered about Princess Marie’s new tiara today!

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© Courtesy of Maison Mauboussin

Princess Marie designed the tiara in collaboration with French jeweler Mauboussin (created in 1827). The tiara was created specifically for the French state visit although Marie will still be able to wear it at other tiara events as confirmed by the jeweller.

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Princess Marie decided to call the tiara ‘Nuit Claire/Lyse Noetter’ (Light Night in English) as she got the inspiration for the design and the colors from the bright light summer nights in Denmark.

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The tiara is made of palladium white gold with small diamonds sapphires and has a pear-shaped 6.82 carats sapphire in the center.

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Princess Marie’s choice of a French jeweler with a Danish-inspired design was her way to symbolize the relationships between both countries for her, a French citizen who became a Danish princess.

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Here is the Maison Mauboussin’s press release :

« The Maison Mauboussin, French jeweler since 1827, decided a few months ago to create a royal tiara.

Given the close relationship between France and the Danish Royal Family, the Maison Mauboussin wanted to collaborate with Princess Marie of Denmark, a former French citizen. The Princess took part in every step of the creation process of the tiara and she even wanted to choose the tiara’s name since the tiara represents the close link uniting Denmark and France. Its name is ´Nuits Claires’ (´Lyse Nœtter Diademet’)

It is made of white gold, with 13,35 carats of diamonds and 13,58 carats of sapphires with at its center, a pear-shaped Ceylan sapphire of 6,82 carats. This tiara, made with the collaboration of the Princess, is a tribute to her adoptive country, Denmark. This tiara was made in a Parisian workshop and shows the excellence of the French high jewelry’s savoir-faire.

The Maison Mauboussin is very honored to have loaned this tiara to Princess Marie who wanted to wear it at the state banquet during the state visit of the French President to Denmark. Alain Nemarq, the President of the Maison Mauboussin, dedicates this tiara to the friendship between Denmark and France and would like to thank Princess Marie. »

NOTE: The Maison Mauboussin is the owner but they assured me that Princess Marie will be able to wear the tiara to future gala events!

Princess Marie’s new ring also comes from Mauboussin, it is the ‘Tellement Sublime’ ring. It is made of white gold, diamonds, and a blue sapphire.

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© Mauboussin

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  1. Wow.It must be so excited for you that you got this information.Tiara is beautiful such as her name and naturally I except that Marie will wear tiara again.


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