What do we want Princess Marie to wear in 2019? With Laura, Saad and a very special guest: My little sister!

Here are our choices for what we’d want Princess Marie to wear in 2019! Thanks to Laura, Saad and my little sister for taking part in it!

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born



I chose Cefinn because their pieces really feel effortless while still being interesting. Samantha Cameron created the label with the aim to create smart, modern and feminine clothes that are easy to wear and I like that philosophy.

© Cefinn
© Cefinn
© Cefinn

Claudie Pierlot

With Marie wearing more and more pieces from French brands, I thought Claudie Pierlot was a good fit. I can really see Marie wearing these three pieces.

© Claudie Pierlot
© Claudie Pierlot
© Claudie Pierlot

Wichmann Couture

Wichmann Couture is a bit of a wild bet. They are a favorite of Princess Benedikte and her daughters and I really love their design. I have no doubt Marie would modify most of them but I thought this post was a good opportunity to highlight their amazing work.

© Wichmann Couture
© Wichmann Couture
Capture d_écran 2018-12-28 à 18.50.53
© Wichmann Couture


Marie wears a lot of chic, sleek, professional clothes so I picked two brands for her based on that aesthetic. I picked one wild card/adventurous choice as well.

Hobbs London

I make no secret that this is one of my favorite brands. They have so many cute dresses that work so well with Marie’s chic style.

© Hobbs
© Hobbs
© Hobbs

The Fold

One of Marie’s favorite brands is Hugo Boss, and The Fold has a similar aesthetic, with sharp and professional looking clothes.

© The Fold
Capture d_écran 2018-12-28 à 17.43.56
© The Fold
Capture d_écran 2018-12-28 à 17.44.42
© The Fold

Art Fusion Copenhagen

I admit that this brand might not be as good of a fit as the other brands I suggested, but this brand is a Danish brand focused on sustainability. That seems like a great message to support and they do have a few pieces that I think fit Marie well.

© ArtFusion Copenhagen
© ArtFusion Copenhagen

ArtFusion Copenhagen Lana V-Neck Dress claret black ABKSEF


Saad made very good suggestions about the heirloom jewels that would fit Princess Marie’s aesthetic.

Queen Margrethe’s Saudi Diamond Necklace

Princess Marie has a small but historic jewelry collection, and one of the pieces I’d like her to borrow is a more recent piece, Queen Margrethe’s Saudi Diamond Necklace, a gift from the Saudi King in the 1980s, which has been previously paired with Princess Marie’s usual Dagmar Floral Tiara. The delicate motif would suit Princess Marie’s simple aesthetic.

Sir Paul Reeves and Queen Margrethe II Denmark.jpg
By New Zealand Government, Office of the Governor-General –, CC BY 4.0, Link


Sapphire Fleur de Lys Brooch/Clasp

Princess Marie comes from France, and a loan I’d like to see on her is the Sapphire Fleur de Lys Brooch/Clasp, a royal family heirloom in the distinctive French symbol of Royalty. Princess Marie already owns sapphire and diamond earrings and has access to the ‘Nuits Claires’ Tiara and Queen Alexandrine’s Sapphire brooch, so another sapphire piece would fit right into her collection.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Margrethe’s Modern Turquoise Brooch

In recent years, Princess Marie has worn a gem-set statement brooch, said to be a gift from Queen Margrethe on the birth of Princess Athena, and often favors large statement pieces for non-Gala events, thus I feel Queen Margrethe’s modern Turquoise Brooch, a 60th Birthday Gift from Prince Henrik, that can also be worn as a pendant!

Embed from Getty Images

For this post, I asked someone who is very special to me to make some suggestions. My 11-years-old little sister wants to become a stylist when she grows up and she started drawing more and more sketches this year, to the point that I had to buy her a real “artist notebook” as she calls it so that she could have all her sketches in the same place. She’s very excited to share 4 of her designs that she drew with Princess Marie in mind, two evening outfits (1 with tiara and order, 1 without) and 2 day outfits! She’s very proud of them and I’m very proud of her so let her know what you think of her work!

Evening Outfit 1 

I chose two colors for this gown: dark pink and blue. I chose blue for the belt as it calls back to the blue of the tiara and the blue in the Order of the Elephant and ties the two together. There are sequins on the sleeves. I chose white and gold accessories to let the dress be the focus while still being gala-worthy.

Capture d_écran 2018-12-20 à 19.57.09
©Heaven Lee Miller/Do Not Reproduce

Evening Outfit 2 

I chose two colors again for this gown: light blue and navy. I chose a silver sequin clutch to match the sequins on the belt and on the bottom of the back of the gown. I chose light pink Jimmy Choo shoes to provide an interesting contrast with the gown.

Capture d_écran 2018-12-20 à 19.51.49
©Heaven Lee Miller/Do Not Reproduce

Day Outfit 1

Once again, I chose several colors for this dress: tan, blue and green. I chose to reverse the two triangles in order to add modernity to this classic wrap dress with pockets. I chose plain accessories to ensure the focus was on the dress.

Capture d_écran 2018-12-20 à 19.46.51
©Heaven Lee Miller/Do Not Reproduce

Day Outfit 2

Once again, two colors for this dress: red and green. This dress is really simple but quite elegant. I chose silver and black accessories to make the outfit more interesting.

Capture d_écran 2018-12-20 à 20.11.13

Here are my designs! I hope you like them! All the love, – M!

So, what are your thoughts on all these suggestions? Don’t hesitate to comment on them and/or to leave a comment with your own choices for 2019!

7 thoughts on “What do we want Princess Marie to wear in 2019? With Laura, Saad and a very special guest: My little sister!

  1. I love these ideas, especially love the pieces you picked out from Cefinn and The Fold! Also I love the history connected to these jewels that Saad picked!
    M, your designs are fabulous! The last day outfit I can really see Princess Marie wearing, also I think if Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) saw that design she would instantly ask her Independent Dressmaker to make it for her! It is such a classic style that I think both royal ladies would love to wear! Let me know when your designs can be sold in stores!


  2. I really want to see Day outfit no. 1 become a reality! Love the colors and unique design at the waist!! Very creative!

    Laura Ashworth (@solidmoonlight)


  3. Queen Margrethe’s Saudi Diamond Necklace, a gift from the Saudi King in the 1980s and Queen Margrethe’s modern Turquoise Brooch, a 60th Birthday Gift from Prince Henrik are precious treasures of Princess Marie of Denmark.


  4. Lovely choices all around. I agree with Cefinn for Princess Marie and I’d also love to see Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge wear this brand. Hobbs is one of my favorites, too.

    You little sister has some wonderful ideas. I like them all but would perhaps not select the pink Jimmy Choo shoes for the second evening choice. Particularly like the Day Look #1. I want it!


  5. I like very much your ideas, specially the second and third Cefinn dresses, Hobbs purple one and the scottish dress. I also like your outfits. I would always choose dark colours instead of light ones, because i think, she looks better with them.
    My idea for a day outfit: Black skinny troussers+ pink classical jacket/coat+ french beret.
    Gala dress: Something inspired in Cristóbal Balenciaga designs for Princess Grace of Monaco.
    Here you have some examples:
    I like very much your blog.
    Thank you.


  6. Great picks, Princess Marie would look lovely in all these designs!

    Your sister’s designs and pictures are fabulous! I love the blue/green day dress and would wear that myself in a minute.

    Thanks to everyone!!


  7. Sorry, I´ve forgotten to say something.
    First of all, congratulations to your sister!: Her designs are beautiful!!! ,especially the day outfit nº1(because of the colour contrast and modernity) and evening outfit nº1(I think Princess Marie would look great in dark pink).
    And finally, about jewelry, in my opinion “Nuits Clares” tiara is the most beautiful one for her. In general, I would choose round earrings and a headpiece on one side for an evening event: Her face is a femenine long one, so she needs to get the attention to both sides of her face and make it rounder (Dagmar Tiara gets attention to the upper side and makes it longer).
    One idea:
    Thank you.


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