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The Danish Royal Family spend Christmas in Marselisborg Palace!

This year, Queen Margrethe spends Christmas with her sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren in Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus. It is the family’s first Christmas without Prince Henrik so it made sense that the whole family would be reunited. It was even better since Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix were spending the holidays with their father as they alternate between their father and their mother. (They spent Christmas with Countess Alexandra last year and Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena spent Christmas in France with Marie’s family)

© Flemming Jeppesen / Billed Bladet

As they usually do when spending Christmas at Marselisborg, the family attends two church services. On the 24th, the whole family attended the Christmas Eve service. In previous years, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik would arrive in one car, then Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, and their children would follow in another car and Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children would arrive in a third car. They followed the same pattern this time but with one change: Prince Felix and little Prince Henrik went to the church in Queen Margrethe’s car so that she would not be alone on the ride from the Palace to the church.

On the 25th, Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, and Princess Marie attended the Christmas Day service. Crown Prince Frederik left early as he does not take part in the Communion, just like his father didn’t.

Princess Marie wore recycled outfits to both services. She debuted the red coat to the same Christmas Eve service back in 2013 but it is still ufo. She wore the coat with her black Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ pumps.

©Jimmy Choo

For the Christmas Day service, she wore the Baum und Pferdgarten coat she debuted on December 1st and her navy Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ suede pumps.

© ModaOperandi
© Jimmy Choo

On the 24th, Princess Athena wore a new coat by Zara.


We won’t see the Danish royal family until January 1st when they’ll attend the traditional New Year Gala Dinner. Queen Margrethe will make her annual speech on New Year’s Eve.

2018 Recap

2018 Recap: Princess Marie’s daywear outfits [July-December]: Vote for your favorite!

Here are Princess Marie’s outfits from August to December:

August 9th: Opening of Too Good To Go’s store (Michael Kors dress and shoes, Etui Bags clutch)

Too Good To Go
© Kristian Juul Pedersen

August 15th: Visiting Varde Military School (Emporio Armani blazer, Hugo Boss dress, By Malene Birger shoes, Longchamp clutch)

© Martin Ravn /

August 17th: New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show 2018 (Giambattista Valli dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, Bottega Veneta clutch)

August 24th: Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2018 (Charlotte Sparre dress, Zara pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

© Billed Bladet Scan

August 25th: Tonder Festival 2018 ( Uniqlo jacket, Charlotte Sparre blouse, Chanel ballet flats, Longchamp bag)


August 27th: Interview in Aftenshowet (Goat Fashion dress, Jimmy Choo pumps)

Capture d_écran 2018-08-28 à 00.36.36
© Aftenshowet

August 28th: State Visit from France – Day 1 (Tara Jarmon top, Michael Kors pumps, Naledi Copenhagen clutch)

August 29th: State Visit from France – Day 2 (Huishan Zhang dress, Sergio Rossi shoes, Etui Bags clutch)

August 30th: Opening the Better Food for More People – World Food Summit 2018 (DKNY dress, Giorgio Armani blazer, Jimmy Choo pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

September 1st: Attending a DEMA event (Theory coat, Peserico top and shoes)

© Screenshot Billed-Bladet

September 4th: Visiting SDU (Tara Jarmon top, Chanel skirt,Jimmy Choo pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

September 5th: Flag Day 2018 (Peserico dress, Giorgio Armani jacket, Jimmy Choo pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

September 8th: Attending Beredskabsforbundet’s 40th anniversary (Goat Fashion top, Emporio Armani trousers, Tod’s shoes, Tara Jarmon bag)


September 16th: Visiting Foderavebanken (Tara Jarmon dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

September 26th: Opening of the EventyrDronningen exhibition (Goat Fashion dress, Jimmy Choo pumps)

September 28th: Visiting Kolding to meet Barack Obama and visit the Koldinghus exhibition (Giorgio Armani jacket, Tara Jarmon top, Jimmy Choo pumps, By Malene Birger pumps)

October 2nd: Opening of Parliament 2018 (Paule Ka coat, Warehouse dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

Embed from Getty Images

October 26th: Attending a DEMA event (By Malene Birger coat)

© Kongehuset

November 8th: Attending the Scottish Autism 50th Anniversary Conference in Glasgow, Scotland (Giorgio Armani jacket, Etui Bags clutch, and Ralph Lauren bag)

November 10th: Commemorating WWI in Braine, France (Azzaro coat, Jimmy Choo pumps, Bottega Veneta clutch)

November 11th: Commemorating WWI in Braine, France

November 29th: Visiting the European School Copenhagen (Baum und Pferdgarten skirt, Zara ankle boots, Tara Jarmon bag)

December 1st: World AIDS Day (Baum und Pferdgarten coat, Peserico trousers)

December 4th: Attending Folkekirkens Nødhjælp’s Christmas reception (Elise Gug coat, Hugo Boss dress, Sergio Rossi ankle boots)

December 6th: Visiting Voergaard Slot (Giorgio Armani jacket, Jimmy Choo boots, Zadig & Voltaire bag)

December 13th: Attending the opening of Mauboussin’s new store in Paris, France (Michael Kors dress)

© Mauboussin

December 18th: Helping Foderavebanken deliver food for students (Parajumpers coat, Zara trousers and ankle boots)

December 24th: Christmas Eve Service in Aarhus

© Flemming Jeppesen / Billed Bladet

December 25th: Christmas Day Service in Aarhus (Baum und Pferdgarten coat, Jimmy Choo pumps)

You can vote now, the results will be published on the 30th:

2018 Recap

2018 Recap: Princess Marie’s day outfits [January-June]: Vote for your favorite!

Let’s take a look at Princess Marie’s day outfits from January to June. The post for July-December will be published tomorrow. You can already vote for your favorite January-June outfit at the end of the post and you can vote for your favorite evening outfit here.

January 4th: Attending a DEMA event (Isabel Marant jacket)

January 8th: Attending meetings at the World Resources Institute in Washington D.C (Sergio Rossi ankle boots)

January 16th: Teaching a French lesson in a high school (Utzon coat, Zara ankle boots, Naledi Copenhagen clutch, Pandora earrings)

January 18th: Hosting ten children in her private home to teach them about food waste.

February 5th: Attending the launch of a book (Marni top, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

March 20th: DM i Madkundskab 2018 (Emporio Armani coat, Sergio Rossi ankle boots, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

©Ministry of Food and Environment

March 24th: Legoland’s 50th Anniversary (Ted Baker coat)

Capture d_écran 2018-12-24 à 17.31.52
© Billed Bladet screenshot

April 4th: Video message for DanChurchAid’s campaign against landmines (By Malene Birger top)


April 6th: Visiting H.C Andersen Children Hospital (Iro jacket)

Prinsesse Marie 5.4.2018 1

April 10th: Launch of new teaching material against food waste (LK Bennett coat, Tara Jarmon top, Michael Kors skirt, Jimmy Choo pumps)

April 16th: Queen Margrethe’s 78th Birthday (Alexander McQueen jacket, Tara Jarmon top)

April 23rd: SIKON Autism Conference (Hugo Boss dress, Giorgio Armani blazer, YSL bag, Jimmy Choo pumps)

April 25th: Concert at Holmen Kirke (Hugo Boss dress, Zara pumps)

April 30th: GeoPark Odsherred (LK Bennett coat)

May 8th: Visiting Katrinebjergskole and KattegatCenter (Alexander McQueen jacket, Tara Jarmon dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

May 16th: Danish UNESCO Seminar (Ganni dress, Michael Kors bag, Jimmy Choo pumps)

May 29th: Reception at Schackenborg Castle for patronages (Goat Fashion dress, LK Bennett pumps)

June 6th: DEMA Memorial (Tara Jarmon dress, LK Bennett shoes, Carlend Copenhagen clutch)

© Billed Bladet Scan

June 12th: Visiting Glasgow with DEMA ( Tara Jarmon top)

June 13th: Visiting Glasgow with DEMA (Goat Fashion coat, Peserico shoes)

June 15th: Visiting Bornholm (Zara top, Peserico shoes, Tara Jarmon bag)

© Billed Bladet Scan

June 24th: Visiting the Youth Education Center (Tara Jarmon top, By Malene Birger shoes)

June 27th: Prince Nikolai’s graduation ceremony (Ganni skirt, Zara shoes)

June 29th: Attending the Misanthrope premiere (Ganni top, Tod’s shoes)

© Billed Bladet Scan

June 30th: Prince Felix’s last day of school (Tara Jarmon top, Ganni skirt, Peserico shoes, Tara Jarmon bag)

© Billed Bladet Scan


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2018 Recap

2018 Recap: Princess Marie’s evening outfits: vote for your favorite!

It’s that time of the year again! We will still see the royal family tonight and tomorrow when they attend Christmas services but it is time to start our 2018 Recap! We’ll talk about Marie’s fashion, her events with her patronages but also how much Crown Princess Mary’s and Princess Marie’s 2018 wardrobe cost and how much the Danish royal family worked in 2018. We’ll also talk about we want for Princess Marie in 2019 fashion-wise.

So let’s start our 2018 Recap with fashion! We first focus on Princess Marie’s evening outfits. Another post will be out today about her daywear outfits from January to June and the post for July to December will be published tomorrow after the Christmas post! You can vote at the end of this post for your favorite evening outfit! All the results will be published on the 30th!

January 1st: New Year Gala Dinner (Rikke Gudnitz gown, Christian Dior shoes, Floral Diamond Wedding Tiara) [same outfit for the official photos released in June for Prince Joachim’s birthday]

© Kamilla Bryndum

May 26th: Gala Dinner for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th Birthday ( Elie Saab gown, Michael Kors shoes, Bottega Veneta clutch, Christine Hvelplund jewels, Floral Diamond Wedding Tiara)


May 27th: Concert for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th Birthday (new dress, Michael Kors pumps, Christine Hvelplund jewels)


August 28th: Gala Dinner during the State Visit of France (Rikke Gudnitz gown, Nuits Claires Tiara, Mauboussin ring)


September 29th: Charity dinner for Gadens Born ( Michael Kors top, Jimmy Choo pumps)

© Maiken Kestner/Gadens Born

October 10th: Gala Dinner to celebrate the 100th years of independence of Iceland (Raquel Diniz gown, Jimmy Choo shoes)


October 24th: Gala Dinner for members of the Government, members of the Danish Parliament and Danish members of the European Parliament (Ole Yde gown, Christine Hvelplund jewels, Floral Diamond Wedding Tiara)

© Keld Navtoft, Kongehuset

November 8th: Dinner for the Scottish Autism 50th Anniversary Conference in Glasgow, Scotland (Goat Fashion jumpsuit, Jimmy Choo pumps, Bottega Veneta clutch)

© Billed Bladet Scan

November 13th: Stop Wasting Food Dinner (Zara dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, Christine Hvelplund jewels)


You can vote for your favorite evening outfit now! Voting stops on the 29th and I’ll publish the results on the 30th!


Princess Marie and the Danish Food Bank visit Ishoj

Today, Princess Marie woke up very early to join the Danish Food Bank in Ishoj.

Indeed, Princess Marie and the Danish Food Bank arrived at 7:15am at Gildbroskolen in Ishoj to give students breakfast in the school’s café. The Food Bank supplies food for 150 places in the Copenhagen area and Ishoj was their stop early this morning.

The Food Bank delivers food that is either too close to the expiry date or has damage to the packaging and therefore can not be sold in stores. Giving them to the Food Bank helps reduce food waste which is something Princess Marie is very passionate about. She visited the Food Bank earlier this year.

You can watch a video of the event here.

Princess Marie wore a very warm outfit for this event. She wore the Parajumpers coat which she debuted on a trip to Greenland last year. She paired it with a grey turtleneck sweater that she owns since 2015 at least.

She chose to wear checked trousers that she first wore only a year ago while visiting the H.C Andersen Children’s Hospital. We were already suspecting that they were Zara back then but couldn’t find the right model. Since we got slightly better photos today, I managed to find the pants. They are indeed from Zara and they have a ruffle detail on the pockets.

© Ebay

Marie also debuted new black ankle boots and they are also from Zara! They are available here for €39,95. I believe she also wore new diamond hoops earrings but I haven’t managed to find them yet.

© Zara

This was Princess Marie’s last event of the year but I believe we will see the entire royal family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.