Athena, Henrik

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children to move to Paris, France

The Court announced today that Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena will move to Paris, France this summer until Summer 2020 since Prince Joachim will follow a military training for a year. Here is the full press release:

The French Defense Minister has invited His Royal Highness Prince Joachim to attend France’s highest-ranking military training course. For that reason, Prince Joachim and Her Royal Highness Princess Marie and the couple’s two children, Prince Henry and Princess Athena, move to Paris.

From September this year to summer 2020, Prince Joachim will follow France’s highest-ranking military management training. The French Defense Minister invited the Prince to participate in the education following the French state visit to Denmark last year, where one of the main themes was strategic partnerships within bilateral business, cultural and defense areas. The Prince is the first Danish officer to participate in the education.

The training takes place six days a week, takes place at École Militaire in Paris and consists of two parts, which are held at the Center des Hautes Études Militaires (CHEM) and the Institut des Hautes Études de la Defense Nationale (IHEDN) respectively.

The majority of the studies are conducted at CHEM and consist of high-level interim studies. The program is for 30 selected officers with colonel or commander rank, and the main topics are military strategic management and international relations. Participants come mainly from France, but some come from countries that are among France’s strategic partners.

The military studies are supplemented by IHEDN with teaching in strategic management and public administration. In this part, another group of 70 business leaders, parliamentarians and officials and representatives of the media world participate. Here, international relations within trade, politics, culture and military disciplines are discussed and discussed, just as crisis management and exchange of experience are among the program items.

Continuing education in France supplements Prince Joachim’s current work in the Armed Forces, where since the Prince has been the chief of defense’s special experts in relation to the reserve in the total strength concept.

Prince Joachim and the family will move to Paris this summer.

The stay in France entails no changes to the couple’s relations with their patronage and collaborators.


Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children traditionally spend the month of July in Cayx, France.

Prince Joachim is a member of the FIA and makes regular trips to Paris to attend their meetings and Princess Marie is Patron of the Danish Student House in Paris. Prince Henrik also had several French patronages that haven’t been handed out yet so maybe this would be a good opportunity to hand them out now.

The post will be updated if we have more info.

Danske UNESCO-nationalkommission, Visits

Princess Marie attends the launch of the Danish UNESCO National Commission’s new strategy for 2019-2022

Today, Princess Marie attended the launch of the Danish UNESCO National Commission’s new strategy for 2019-2022. Princess Marie is Patron of the Commission and the Commission started working on the strategy last May in a seminar that Princess Marie attended.



UNESCO has been working on goal 4: “a good education for all” out of the 17 goals set out by the UN to ensure the planet’s sustainable development by 2030. The Danish Minister of Education said: “In more than 70 years UNESCO has worked globally for freedom of expression, respect for all human worth, good education for all and the preservation of valuable culture and natural heritage. These are values that Denmark is known for around the world. But we can not take them for granted. The world is changing rapidly, and each generation must reinvent and defend basic Democracy and freedoms. Denmark is among the best in the world to achieve the goal of a good education for all, but there are still challenges. The things we do is to get all of the conditions to complete an education, make it attractive to acquire vocational training and creating inclusive learning environments free from bullying. That can UNESCO and the World Goals help us to do better. “


The new strategy focuses on five main strategic initiatives. For each strategic initiatives, the Danish UNESCO National Commission set out goals to ensure that they can do better in those fields between 2019 and 2022:

  • Partnerships for the future
    • show how UNESCO and the Danish UNESCO actors contribute to achieving world goals and develop cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in relation to achieving the government’s target world ambitions.
    • be a catalyst for the opportunities, skills, and ideas for new initiatives and collaborations and we will bring stakeholders together.
    • mobilize resources and seek partnerships to UNESCO-related activities in Denmark and to projects that have a global focus.
    • strengthen communication about what we do, why we do it and what we achieve
    • strengthen the partnership with the Danish UNESCO institutions like the Danish UNESCO Center (the Center for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability) and the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Rights and to ensure that they are a resource in implementing the strategy for working with UNESCO
    • encourage Danish stakeholders to engage in the UN Decade for Marine
  • Good education and global citizenship
    • help to ensure that all children and young people know the world goals. This will be done through the national work with education as a force for democracy and sustainable development through cooperation with relevant stakeholders, including UNESCO World undersized schools and adult education initiatives.
    • examine how UNESCO can play along with the Danish science strategy and promote the narrative that science is important for children and young people’s general education and contribute to solutions to global challenges.
    • inspiration to several Danish cities will be part of the global network of cities as UNESCO learning cities and UNESCO creative cities.
    • support and strengthen vocational schools and technical science education focusing on sustainable development. This will be done in collaboration with pupils, students, schools and universities and the parties behind the programs
    • work to ensure that UNESCO continues to provide quality data in the form of “Global Education Monitoring Report” and the results disseminated and used.
    • along with libraries, schools, and civil society to support strategic and concrete activities that promote reading  – for example in the UN reading days each year on 8 September.
    • maintain focus on the right to education for refugee and migrant children in collaboration with civil society organizations, UN and other relevant training actors.



  • Freedom of expression and information creating democracy
    • actively promote global monitoring of artistic expression and relate it to Danish conditions and examine how the experience of working for the safety of journalists can be transferred to artists and scholars of the same challenges.
    • work to strengthen UNESCO’s monitoring of the right to science, culture, education, and freedom of scientific research. The Danish UNESCO Chair at the University of cultural rights will generate and communicate new knowledge and insights based on UNESCO conventions and recommendations
    • seek cooperation that strengthens digital imaging and media and information knowledge that can promote the desire to participate in an informed, critical and respectful democratic conversation.
    • highlighting the importance of equal access to information and preparedness to respond to propaganda and misinformation
    • support active Danish efforts of UNESCO’s International Program for Media Development (IPDC) and set up a campaign that Denmark elected into the program expert for the period 2019-2023.
    • follow up by Danish media actors and relevant ministries to prepare a national action plan for the safety of journalists, as recommended in the “UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity”
    • engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders, including municipalities, the potential of several refuges or other measures to ensure artistic freedom and protect persecuted artists.
  • World heritage and communities in development
    • support the Danish authorities’ ongoing work with the Danish World.
    • support networking and exchange of experiences across the World Heritage in Denmark.
    • focus on how Denmark’s World Heritage sites, living heritage, cultural values, geoparks, and biosphere reserves and city networks contribute – individually and collectively – to education for sustainable development and global citizenship.
    • bring knowledge of the world compared to Danish educational institutions including through UNESCO collections at Moesgaard Museum and distribution of UNESCO guides and educational resources through relevant channels and EMU, Denmark learning portal.
    • demonstrate the importance of being a UNESCO designation, among other sustainable tourism, local identity, and the economy. It could be done through analysis and good examples.
    • engage in initiatives that make cultural heritage – both the living and material – relevant to children and young people and puts it in a contemporary context.
    • support Denmark’s involvement in the protection of cultural property during armed conflict, including cooperation with research institutions, museums, public authorities, and other actors.
  • Equality and Inclusion across all initiatives
    • systematically integrate a gender perspective in the strategy’s action plan and equality assess all initiatives.
    • seek cooperation with Danish media actors in order to strengthen the focus on gender equality, both among media actors in content, through source selection and resourceful to stories, speakers and panelists at conferences and the like.
    • maintain UNESCO’s efforts to promote sex education in developing countries. Denmark is working actively to UNESCO’s “International Technical Guide on Sexuality Education”, used to strengthen sex education in schools.
    • strengthen the focus on sex and gender disparities on the importance of girls ‘and boys’ education practice
    • maintain UNESCO’s monitoring of global trends and challenges in relation to violence and bullying in schools based on gender, sexuality and gender identity. Denmark has joined UNESCO’s Call for Action as an important tool to promote learning environments free of discrimination both in Denmark and globally.
    • support more women to choose research road. L’Oréal/UNESCO prizes to young women researchers is a recognized model to be developed, including the possibility of concluding cooperation with other UNESCO concepts.


To launch the strategy, Princess Marie made a speech:

It is my great pleasure and pleasure to be able to participate in the launch of the new strategy for the Danish UNESCO work.

Congratulations to us. Congratulations to us that we now have a completed strategic framework for the Danish UNESCO work for the next 4 years. The work was started, as many of us were together not far from here at Blox last May. The final strategy that lies ahead of us has come to the world based on a great effort from many different subject areas and from many places in the country. It is in the spirit of UNESCO and I would like to thank you.

The UN’s 17 world goals play a central role in the strategy and world goals are not only important to us in UNESCO, but also to more and more organizations and businesses that have taken it on. The world goals are the most important conversation of our time, and I am pleased that in the Danish UNESCO work we can help carry this on to an even larger circle.





UNESCO is the UN body responsible for world goals 4 on a good education for all. And we are proud and happy about that. Everyone has the right to education! UNESCO’s work with world heritage is known throughout Denmark – and that is important.

Fewer people know about the Geopark in Odsherred and the Biosphere Reserve on Møn. Or for concepts such as UNESCO learning and creative cities. It is a shame … Because when a municipality engages in the opportunities and the “brand” UNESCO can offer, one will experience an increasing local commitment and pride. 

In our work, we must strengthen our knowledge of the many opportunities and potentials that exist in UNESCO. There are countless resources in the Danish UNESCO landscape. The challenge for the next 4 years is to connect them in new ways. We must strive to see new synergies and work across sectors and organizations.




We need to help each other strengthen the knowledge of the many tools that UNESCO offers to the member states. UNESCO’s programs and networks are an offer for everyone to engage in our common future. But it can be difficult to do alone. Therefore, the strategy aims to explore new opportunities to work across and to enter into new partnerships. In Denmark, we have seen a growing interest in UNESCO in recent years in the form of a stronger commitment at local, regional and national level. The strategy points to 5 initiatives that can lift UNESCO’s work in Denmark

Besides partnerships for the future, this is about good education and global citizenship, freedom of expression in the press, art and science as well as world heritage and local development and not least equality and inclusion. The efforts go across all UNESCO mandates. It’s ambitious and it’s great.

Our children will inherit the world after us.

Therefore, I am very pleased to read that the Danish UNESCO National Commission wants to promote an approach that recognizes young people as actors who can create change and sustainable development. We cannot do without the engagement of the young! Later today, work must be done to link concrete actions and activities to the strategy and I look forward to following the work for the next 4 years.


Princess Marie wore a fully recycled outfit today! She paired her Armani Collezioni jacket with her Hugo Boss dress that she debuted in 2017.

Hugo Boss Dress
© Hugo Boss

She accessorized with her favorite Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ pumps and her Naledi Copenhagen Ostrich clutch. Her scarf is also by Naledi Copenhagen.

© Jimmy Choo
© Naledi Copenhagen


We’ll next see Princess Marie on February 3rd when she’ll attend the premiere of LEGO Movie 2 with her family.


Gala Dinner

2019 New Year Gala Dinner!

Tonight, the first tiara event of the year took place at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The gala takes place each year and the royal family, as well as the Government, the President of Parliament, representatives and members of the court, attend. We took a look at Princess Marie’s outfits the previous years yesterday on Tumblr and you can check it out here.

Keld Navntoft, Ritzau Scanpix

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first at Amalienborg Palace. All the members of the Royal Family wore the necklace of the Order of the Elephant, the highest Danish order. You can see a video of the arrivals here.

Princess Marie wore a new Rikke Gudnitz outfit. She wore a high neck top with a cut out at the back. She paired it with a full-length gold skirt and new Michael Kors Claire glitter pumps. Both her earrings and clutch are old and ufo.


What did you think of Marie’s outfit?

2018 Recap, Review

2018 Recap: How much did Crown Princess Mary’s and Princess Marie’s 2018 wardrobes cost?

Just as we did in 2017, let’s take a look at what Crown Princess Mary’s and Princess Marie’s 2018 wardrobes cost. I will focus on Crown Princess Mary first and then on Princess Marie but there is a big recap infographic at the end of the post including a 2017-2018 comparison.

Embed from Getty Images


As shown in the days worked numbers that were published, Crown Princess Mary had a busy year. She debuted 170 new items this year and as shown below, we have managed to identify 127 of them. The rest is still unidentified and is thus excluded from this count.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-01 à 07.25.13
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Among the 127 items for which we have a brand, 22 were custom made and are thus also excluded from this count. There are 5 items included in the count for which we have an estimated price. To give a concrete example of what this means, Crown Princess Mary wore a Jesper Hovring jacket on December 6th that was available on Hovring’s website in another print. The jacket online retailed at 4,500 DKK and thus this is the estimated price of Mary’s jacket. We do not consider it to be the full price as Mary’s exact jacket isn’t available online but we estimate that it is a close price and thus gives more accuracy to the count.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-01 à 08.45.05
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

For the 105 items for which we have either a full retail price or an estimated price, Crown Princess Mary’s total came to 15,974,858 DKK (=$114,349USD). The most expensive piece for which we have a price is a Tiffany & Co Pavé Diamond Flower Pendant which cost $8000USD.

While she debuted 170 new items, Crown Princess Mary wore a lot of older pieces as shown in the graph below.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-01 à 08.15.12
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Approximatively 1/3 of the 127 items we managed to identify were from a Danish brand in 2018. You can see a comparison with 2017 in the graph below.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-01 à 08.21.03

Capture d_écran 2019-01-01 à 08.21.10
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Princess Marie debuted 96 new items this year and we managed to identify 65 of them. Out of these 65 items, 5 are excluded as they were custom made and we haven’t estimated a price for them. The other 60 pieces all have a full retail price.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.38.06
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

For these 60 pieces, Princess Marie’s total came to 6,090,615.82 DKK (=$58,042USD). Her most expensive items this year are the trio of Christine Hvelplund jewels she wore for the concert for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday last May. The earrings and two bracelets she wore cost 166,800DKK (=$25,556USD) in total.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.44.56
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Just like Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie repeated a lot of pieces this year.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-01 à 08.12.19
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

She also wore more international brands than Danish brands. It is interesting to note that 30,4% of these identified new items by international brands were from French brands.

Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.38.33

Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.38.43
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Here is a recap with an interesting average price-per-piece graph that might help put these numbers in perspective.
Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.39.20Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.39.37Capture d_écran 2019-01-02 à 16.39.53

What did you think of these numbers? Don’t hesitate to comment!


If you would like to use these numbers for your own article- please make sure to credit me and link back to my original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send me an email