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Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children to move to Paris, France

The Court announced today that Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena will move to Paris, France this summer until Summer 2020 since Prince Joachim will follow a military training for a year. Here is the full press release:

The French Defense Minister has invited His Royal Highness Prince Joachim to attend France’s highest-ranking military training course. For that reason, Prince Joachim and Her Royal Highness Princess Marie and the couple’s two children, Prince Henry and Princess Athena, move to Paris.

From September this year to summer 2020, Prince Joachim will follow France’s highest-ranking military management training. The French Defense Minister invited the Prince to participate in the education following the French state visit to Denmark last year, where one of the main themes was strategic partnerships within bilateral business, cultural and defense areas. The Prince is the first Danish officer to participate in the education.

The training takes place six days a week, takes place at École Militaire in Paris and consists of two parts, which are held at the Center des Hautes Études Militaires (CHEM) and the Institut des Hautes Études de la Defense Nationale (IHEDN) respectively.

The majority of the studies are conducted at CHEM and consist of high-level interim studies. The program is for 30 selected officers with colonel or commander rank, and the main topics are military strategic management and international relations. Participants come mainly from France, but some come from countries that are among France’s strategic partners.

The military studies are supplemented by IHEDN with teaching in strategic management and public administration. In this part, another group of 70 business leaders, parliamentarians and officials and representatives of the media world participate. Here, international relations within trade, politics, culture and military disciplines are discussed and discussed, just as crisis management and exchange of experience are among the program items.

Continuing education in France supplements Prince Joachim’s current work in the Armed Forces, where since the Prince has been the chief of defense’s special experts in relation to the reserve in the total strength concept.

Prince Joachim and the family will move to Paris this summer.

The stay in France entails no changes to the couple’s relations with their patronage and collaborators.


Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children traditionally spend the month of July in Cayx, France.

Prince Joachim is a member of the FIA and makes regular trips to Paris to attend their meetings and Princess Marie is Patron of the Danish Student House in Paris. Prince Henrik also had several French patronages that haven’t been handed out yet so maybe this would be a good opportunity to hand them out now.

The post will be updated if we have more info.

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