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Catching up: Prince Joachim attends miltary conference, Princess Marie walks her dog, Prince Nikolai on the cover of VOGUE Ukraine

On March 21st, Prince Joachim attended the “From Soldat to Civilian” conference at Industrien Hus in Copenhagen.

Prince Joachim is the Colonel of the Reserve and a special advisor to the Chief of Defense. The conference aims to talk about how soldiers can be useful in their future civilian careers because of the skills they have and the experience they gathered during their years in the military. This event was not covered by the Danish Court so I don’t have more information about Prince Joachim’s speech except that he talked about his work with the Center for Reservestyrken in order to show the daily cooperation between soldiers and civilians in the reserve.

Industrien Hus is also the place where the Udsendt af Danmark project host their exhibition “Through ice & water” which aims to show their work and living conditions abroad and the skills and competencies they come home with. Prince Joachim took part in the Udsendt af Danmark project and you can see & read his stories here.

On the same day, Princess Marie was spotted walking her dog Apple in Copenhagen.

She wore her Parajumpers coat and Giorgio Armani jacket.

Prince Nikolai is on the cover of Vogue Ukraine’s Man Supplement for the Spring/Summer 2019 which will come out in April. Prince Nikolai is wore outfits from the Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2019 collection in this photoshoot.

© Marco Van Rijt
© Marco Van Rijt
© Marco Van Rijt

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