Prince Joachim

Keeping up with Prince Joachim: Filming of his documentary (lots of NEW photos and info!), private meeting with his patronages and a new engagement announced.

Welcome to this new (hopefully) weekly feature on the site! If we have enough information all week, I’ll post a round up of Prince Joachim’s events and news every Friday.

Prince Joachim has a light official schedule since the beginning of the year but it turns out he has been busy filming his new documentary in addition to his work for the Chief of Defense. I managed to find out about several days of shooting all across Denmark since the beginning of the year:

On January 23rd, members of Landinspektørkontoret Baatrup & Thomsen A/S filmed with Prince Joachim about property rights.

On January 24th, Prince Joachim had a meeting with the Sydsjællands og Lolland-Falster Police. The post didn’t say why exactly they meet except that it was for the documentary.

On February 19th, Prince Joachim made a surprise visit to Præstegårdsskolen in Esbjerg. The visit was filmed so we can imagine it is also for the documentary. 16 local players were at the school to teach the children how to play bridge and Prince Joachim joined them.

On February 21st, Prince Joachim was in Estruplund in order to film scenes at Estruplund Kirke.

On March 18th, Prince Joachim visited Aero Island. Again, we don’t know what part of the documentary was filmed on Aero but he was seen filming on the Ærøskøbing ferry.

On March 21st, Prince Joachim was in Hvidovre where scenes were filmed at Rytterskolen, an historic riding school.

And finally, on March 26th, scenes were filmed at Rosenborg Castle. This part of the documentary will focus on democracy and the last autocratic king who was anointed in Denmark, Christian VIII, in the Knight’s Hall.

It looks like Prince Joachim has been filming very diverse scenes in different places all over Denmark. When the documentary was announced by DR, it was described this way: “The program focuses on the Danes today. How has faith, power, knowledge, law, boundaries and symbols created us? Prince Joachim’s family has been part of the Danes’ identity for more than 1,000 years, and the Prince therefore also has Denmark’s history close to life. The recordings are based on the daily life we ​​all know, but dive into the time ahead. Together with the Danes, the Prince gives his idea of ​​what it is that shaped us as a population over time, and why Denmark looks like it does today.” This something that is certainly reflected in those behind-the-scenes photos and info we are getting.

In other news, I learned that Prince Joachim had a meeting with Diabetesforeningen on January 28th at Amalienborg Palace. The meeting took place in order to decide which events Prince Joachim will attend with the association as he is their Patron.

Finally, it is reported that Prince Joachim will attend the final of the Science EXPO at Bella Center on April 30th. The event is not confirmed by the Court yet as they only update their calendar two weeks in advance. However, his attendance was announced on the Expo’s website and two high schools reported the info on their Facebook pages when they announced that some of their students were qualified for the finale here and here.


Prince Joachim will have two solo events next week. He will attend a conference about veterans on April 3rd and an event celebrating the 70th-year anniversary of NATO on April 4th. Both events will be covered on the next Keeping Up with Prince Joachim post next Friday.

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