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Flashback Post: Princess Marie visits the Danish Meteorological Institute in 2016

Welcome to this new series on the blog! There’ll be several flashback posts to events attended by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie when there are no events scheduled for them. I hope you’ll like discovering some of their old events on this blog.

On April 1st, 2016, Princess Marie visited the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen as part of her work with the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

©Niels Hansen,DMI

The work of the Danish Emergency Management Agency is linked to the work of the Danish Meteorological Institute as it is the DMI that issues warning of dangerous weathers. Princess Marie visited DMI in order to learn more about preparedness for extreme weather.

She was shown how DMI keeps track of wind and weather and ensures that observations come out to the authorities and Danes, especially where there is the need to issue a warning for dangerous weather.  Marianne Thyrring, the director of the DMI, said: ‘The Princess’s visit was a good opportunity to show how we work at DMI when the weather” shows teeth “. We talked about warning of violent or potentially dangerous weather situations, where DMI’s role in the preparedness is precisely central. When meteorologists warn, they help the preparedness and the Danes to ensure human life and material values are safe.’

Knud-Jacob Simonsen said: ‘During the Princess’s visit to the meteorologist’s operating room, today’s guardian Anja Drost Bodholdt told about the routines on the watchkeeping. In addition, the Princess was given the opportunity to see how we work with emergency tasks and ensure that messages about potential hazards reach the recipient. As for example, when Denmark is hit by ash from an Icelandic volcano.’

For a few years now, DMI has entered into a notification agreement with the National Police and the Danish Emergency Management Agency, which implies that both authorities are warned directly in case of extreme weather warnings.

Two months after Princess Marie’s visit to DMI, in June 2016, it was announced that she was starting her job as a special assistant for prevention projects for the Danish Emergency Management Agency. This visit to DMI was probably a way to prepare for her job.

For this visit, Princess Marie wore her Emporio Armani coat (first worn in 2013) with a pink blouse from By Malene Birger and a grey By Malene Birger cardigan with lurex inserts.

She also wore old ufo earrings, her Christine Hvelplund ring and her grey Naledi Copenhagen clutch (first worn in 2013).

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