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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie present the Wegner Prisen 2019 in Tønder

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Tønder to present the Wegner Prisen 2019.

Hans J. Wegner was a Danish furniture architect who was born in Tønder on April 2, 1914. He was a furniture architect and he had a great influence in Denmark and abroad. In his honor, Tønder’s municipality and the Art Museum decided to create a prize that is awarded once a year since its creation in 2015. The prize aims to “spread the knowledge of the Art Museum in Tønder as an intermediary of Wegner’s work and mediator of Nordic art and design.” The prize is 25000DKK and a Wegner chair.

The prize is awarded to a designer who has contributed significantly to the Nordic design’s development or to a person or institution who has contributed to the knowledge of Wegner’s work and importance. The jury is composed of Henrik Frandsen, the mayor of Tonder’s municipality, Anne Blond, a manager at the Art Museum in Tonder, Anne-Louise Sommer , the director of the Design Museum and Michael B. Nellemann, the director of Det Obelske Familiefond.

Prince Joachim presented the first Wegner Prisen in 2015 but today’s ceremony is the first time he attends since then. This year’s prize was awarded to  A. Petersen Collection & Craft, the company of Anders Petersen and his partner Kari Svarre. The jury said they awarded the prize to this company because : “It is an exhibition and production site where Danish handicrafts and design come to life in a beautiful mix of working workshops, sale of design, which is the workshop manufacturer in Denmark, extremely competent and inspiring dissemination and a high quality exhibition company at a high international level.” They said it is a place that Hans J. Wegner would have loved to visit.

You can see more photos here.

Princess Marie wore a new Goat Fashion dress today! It is the Glenda Wrap dress in the Magnolia print. She already owns the Glenda dress in blush pink. She paired the dress with a white jacket that she debuted in 2017 and that is still ufo.

© Goat Fashion

She paired the outfit with her Jimmy Choo ‘Romy‘ black suede pumps and her Etui Bags nude flap clutch as well as several ufo bracelets.

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