Prince Joachim

Keeping Up with Prince Joachim: April 6 – April 12

I wasn’t sure if I would have any information to write about this week but Prince Joachim made two unannounced appearances!

On April 9th, Prince Joachim made a lecture at Frederiksberg’s Rotary Club. He presented the Danish Defense’s cooperation agreement for 2018-2023.

He put the defense’s connection to the business community and the general Danish society into perspective and explained how to act effectively without the soldiers always being permanent employees.

Prince Joachim is Colonel of the Reserve and a special advisor to the Chief of Defense. He also works at the Center for the Reserve.

On April 11th, Prince Joachim attended the ice hockey game between Denmark and Finland in Aalborg tonight. This was a test match ahead of the upcoming World Cup. Denmark lost the game 0-1. There will be 6 more test games before the start of the World Cup in Slovakia next month. You can see two more photos in the gallery of this article.

Prince Joachim went to a ice hockey game for the first time in 2014. He attended a game between SonderjyskE and Herning with Princess Marie, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. He was thrilled that SonderjyskE won as it is a team from Jutland which is where they used to live and they went to the locker room after the game (you can see the photos here and here).

In 2015, he went to his second ice hockey game! When SonderjyskE won the Danish ice hockey league, Prince Joachim gave them the trophy. The trophy is named the Prins Henrik Cup and you can read more about the event here.

Finally, I announced last March that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will attend the celebrations of the 800th-anniversary of the Dannebrog, the Danish Flag, on June 15th. While this event will only be confirmed by the Danish court in June, I have found more sources that confirm this information.

Danmark-Samfundets – the association that is organizing the events and of which Prince Joachim is Patron- confirmed this week that there will be a bicycle race from Husum to Copenhagen in six steps from June 10th to June 15th, where the participants will bring a Danish flag to the Town Hall where Prince Joachim will receive it. You can read more details here.

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