Prince Joachim

NEW: Concert to be held for Prince Joachim’s 50th birthday

It was announced today that a concert would be held next June to celebrate Prince Joachim’s 50th birthday! Let’s take a look at the information that were released in connection with the event!

© Kamilla Bryndum

The concert is the idea of several artists and organizations who work with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in honor to celebrate Prince Joachim’s 50th birthday. The concert will be held on June 3rd, four days before Prince Joachim’s birthday. It will take place in Klampenborg, near Prince Joachim and Princess Marie’s house. The concert aims to “reflects Prince Joachim’s great taste for opera and classical music – but also with some features from the rhythmic world.”

One of the initiators of the concert, opera singer Jens-Christian Wandt says: “Prince Joachim has always had a great love for the classical music, he is the patron of several classical ensembles and listens with great enthusiasm to both opera, chamber music, Danish songs and choral music.Therefore, it is obvious that we are a number of artists who join together to give Prince Joachim this birthday present – and in that way thank him for his commitment to the world of classical music, but also to thank him for the great work he does as Prince to Denmark. We are very grateful that the Prince has said yes to this concert, it will definitely be a festive evening at Sølyst – all in the spirit of Prince Joachim. “

© Kamilla Bryndum

It was also announced that Susse Wold, a Danish actress, will read poems written by Prince Henrik during the concert. Other participants include Katrine Gislinge (pianist), Andreas Brantelid (cellist), Denise Beck (soprano), Bryan Rice (singer), The Danish Boys’ Choir, The Danish Girls Choir, Troels Roland (pianist) and Mads Enggaard (pianist).

Susse Wold and Jens-Christian Wandt know Princess Marie very well as they both take part in the annual AIDS-Fondet’s Christmas concert each year which Marie attends as Patron.

About the concert, Prince Joachim said to Billed-Bladet: “It is a very, very nice gift, which I was incredibly touched to receive. Really … it’s very generous.”

The concert is open to the public and tickets are available on the concert’s website. All the benefits from the concert will go to a charity chosen by Prince Joachim which will be announced by the Prince himself on stage during the concert.

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