Prince Joachim

Keeping Up with Prince Joachim: April 20 – April 26

Prince Joachim attended an official event this week and filmed more parts of his documentary about Denmark.

In April,  Prince Joachim filmed part of his documentary about Denmark in the Count’s workroom of the Museum. The museum shows the development of Danish nobility through the ages .

On April 25th, Prince Joachim attended Danske Maritime’s 100th-anniversary event at the National Museum. Danske Maritime is the trade organization of the Danish Maritime Industry.

The Danish maritime industry is currently the seventh largest marine industry in the world in terms of export of marine equipment. Denmark is the eighth largest scrapping nation and the 12th largest in ship repair. 

While leaving the event, Prince Joachim was asked about the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. He said: “When the terror strikes that way, we are all hit. It’s simply nasty. To be honest, if we think of the victims who have asked for peace and quiet – I think we should give it to them. I think that’s what they really need most.”Danish billionaire and friend of the royal family Anders Holch Povlsen lost three of his four children in the attack and before Prince Joachim, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary had also expressed their support earlier this week. There has been a lot of coverage about the Povlsen family these past few days so BT – who were the ones who asked Joachim for a short statement- suggests this is what the Prince was referring to in his statement.

On April 26th, Prince Joachim took part in a military ceremony at the Kastellet. As Colonel of the Reserve, he presented the honors of the Reserve Officers Association and attended the following lunch.

Finally, it was reported that Prince Joachim would attend the finale of the Science EXPO on April 30th but the event was not confirmed by the Court. He is still announced as attending on the expo’s website so I emailed them to ask for clarification but I don’t have more info now.

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