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Keeping Up with Prince Joachim: April 27 – May 3

We have a lot of news about Prince Joachim to cover this week! Read more below.

On April 29th, Prince Joachim was in Estonia, filming part of his documentary about Denmark. This part is focused on the shared history between Denmark and Estonia. He met with Silvi Teesalu, the former Director of the Danish Cultural Institute.

The Danish Embassy added: “Notice the three blue lions in the Estonian coat of arms in the Parliament building (in the 1st photo) – right from the time of Valdemar II victory. The motif in the national coat of arms is one of the many things Danes and Estonians have in common”

On April 30th, Prince Joachim was supposed to attend the finale of the Science EXPO as he does every year since he is Patron. However, this year he wasn’t able to attend, probably due to the filming schedule of his documentary. He did send a short statement though to congratulate the finalists: “In the young scientists, we see a very special passion that we must cherish and cultivate, for it is the passion, creativity, curiosity and the ability to innovate that must secure the future.”

On May 1st, Prince Joachim was filming in Winchester, England with Alastair Bruce. They visited the Winchester Cathedral to see the mortuary chest which is rumored to contain the remain of King Canute the Great. King Canute was King of England, Denmark and Norway until his death in 1035.

Prince Joachim also filmed in town. He met Alastair Bruce ten years ago so it is nice that Alastair will be involved in Prince Joachim’s documentary.

Alastair Bruce also shared a short video of them filming.

On May 2nd, Prince Joachim read the three minutes long regional news on the radio DR P4 Zealand after spending the afternoon as a trainee. Afterward, he gave an interview to the radio host. He was filmed during the whole afternoon so we can imagine that You can listen to the news reading and to the short interview here.

About the news reading, Prince Joachim said: ” It was dazzling. It was actually far more challenging than holding a speech. When you stand with the microphone in front of you and have to convey news – it’s authenticity. It’s honesty and it’s authenticity. You can’t fail!”

Prince Joachim also talked more about his documentary: “History has always had my passion. If you don’t know the background for where you come from, you have no pointers to where you want to go. And that’s the part that interests me. I want to convey it.”

On May 2nd, A podcast about racing in which Prince Joachim took part was also released. He was joined by his friends Martin Berner and Oscar Davidsen Siesbye who are part of his Cortina Racing team. You can listen to the hour-long podcast here and read a translation of the article that presented the podcast below.

“Motor racing in historic racing cars is known for providing excitement, goosebumps and lots of nostalgia. But it gives so much more when you ask the participants in the historical race.

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim participates in historic motorsports with his friends Martin Berner and Oscar Davidsen Siesbye in the racing team Cortina Racing. The three tell about the experiences in a new podcast from Dansk Automobil Sports Union, where they – among many others- have the feeling of controlling racing cars at the very limits of the physically possible.

The conversation focused on their experience with the sport: from first looking at car cards in the schoolyard and their first experiences in the sport to visiting foreign racing tracks. In connection with a race at the Grand Prix track Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, HRH Prince Joachim talks about the feeling of being one with his racing car.

“I competed with a Triumph TR4. It had momentum and strength to the long side but did not have the turns that I had. That meant I had to catch him on the long side and run from him in the turns. And there I saw that I was just the brand car, I was quite natural and controlled versus – it was a drift and not a skid, but in the highest gear and on the speed limiter. When the race was finished I went to the mechanic and said; when I drive 8000 rpm in fourth gear and with this exchange how fast do I run? Then you drive 196 km / h. Once you have become so with the car, it is wow! It’s an out of body experience !” says HRH Prince Joachim about his meeting with the iconic race track Spa-Francorchamps.

“Spa has the iconic Eau Rouge swing, where you really want to release the accelerator and step on the brake; just a little bit. When you get down there, it is probably hard not to do it. The first time it goes well, then it is just as the arms sprinkle out through the roof because it is so bold a feeling to be thrown up on the hill that is so steep that you can barely walk up to it, ”says Martin Berner.

I have my own little thesis that it (racing, ed.) Is the most extreme situation you can put yourself in, you are so close to insanity because you are so concentrated and can shut everything else out. When the little man waving the checkered flag, one thinks; What was it that happened? Because you are in a zone that is so extreme that I can hardly explain what is happening. It’s a very, very special feeling, I don’t know any feeling like that, ”says friend and teammate Oscar Davidsen Siesbye about running a race.

The three from Cortina Racing also talk about their experiences with professional racing drivers in the race Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, where domestic amateur drivers share cars with professionals in showcases. Among other things, the team talks about Tom Kristensen, Rickard Rydell, Lucas di Grassi and many more.

Cortina Racing you can meet for Classic Race Aarhus on 17-19. May, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix on 3-4. August. The DM series for historic racing cars, Danish Masters, is run over several departments from 4th to 5th. May.”

Notes: – Oscar Davidsen Siesbye is a close friend of Prince Joachim and his wife Britt Siesbye is a close friend of Princess Marie and acted as her Lady-in-Waiting

– Prince Joachim takes part in the Classic Race Aarhus and the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix each year. He couldn’t attend the Classic Race Aarhus last year because of the celebrations for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday. Despite the upcoming move to France this summer, I expect we’ll see Prince Joachim at both races this year.

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