Princess Marie visits Virum Gymnasium to promote exchange program between France and Denmark

Today, Princess Marie visited Virum Gymnasium to learn more about the exchange program between Denmark and France.

Princess Marie visited the high school to learn more about Virum Gymnasium’s exchange agreement with their French partner school in Bordeaux. The exchange program is a result of last year’s agreement between Denmark and France’s ministers of education, who agreed to do more to strengthen linguistic and educational cooperation between the two countries. The agreement has led, among other things, to the fact that Virum Gymnasium is one of 24 schools that have an exchange program with France.

Minister of Education Merete Riisager said: “Viewing the rest of the world is central to our formation as human beings. With the exchange program, we now give 250 Danish high school students a chance to get a unique insight into French culture and language. Therefore, I hope that many schools seek to help strengthen the language effort and the exchange of experience between Denmark and France. “

Today’s visit aimed to promote the exchange program and to raise awareness of languages ​​opening doors to the world and being a central element in relation to the students’ general education.

Princess Marie was welcomed at Virum Gymnasium by the Minister of Education and Vice-Chancellor Mette Kynemund. She attended a presentation of the exchange program and then met students who have studied in France last year.

She also met with various students and teachers who presented the work of the high school to strengthen the language subjects and create international citizenship. Before leaving, Princess Marie and the Minister of Education took part in a private meeting with some of the teachers and the school’s management.

You can see a video of Princess Marie at the event here.

Princess Marie wore a new belted jacket with a black top and black trousers. She wore her favorite Jimmy Choo black ‘Romy‘ suede pumps as well as her Carlend Copenhagen ‘Aicha’ clutch.

©Carlend Copenhagen

She also wore her Christine Hvelplund ‘Universe’ necklace which she debuted last March.

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