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Princess Marie visits Madens Folkemøde + an exclusive statement from her new patronage

Today, Princess Marie opened a food festival in Maribo, continuing with her engagement for the fight against food waste. Read more below.

Madens Folkemøde is a new food festival focusing on food culture through talks, debates, a local food market, workshops, children’s activities and much more: “Denmark has obviously seen quite a remarkable boost in terms of its gastronomic scene in recent years, but Madens Folkemøde wants to direct the conservation towards our everyday food culture and bring together politicians, farmers, chefs, producers and the public in order to find solutions to the societal, economic and environmental challenges we face in the future.”

Madens Folkemøde was developed and organised by the Food Organisation of Denmark. The Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD), created in 2010, aims to “nurture and feed the interest in Nordic & Danish gastronomy, nature, agriculture and culinary culture. We are a nonprofit organisation supported by Danish food producers and public funds.” Their ambition with this festival is to bring together the entire food scene of Denmark from the ocean and agriculture to the home kitchens and hospitality industry.

Princess Marie has been involved in the fight against food waste in Denmark for a few years now so it is not a surprise that she decided to visit the festival. She is also the Patron of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival since 2012.

Upon her arrival to the festival, Princess Marie was welcomed by the host of the festival and children. She had the opportunity to meet local children that are took part in a cooking workshop, where the children learned how to prepare climate friendly food such as fried Danish squid and greens. Princess Marie took part in the workshop too and one of the children said: “The princess is so sweet and beautiful and skilled in a kitchen as you could see. So it was really exciting.”

The cooking workshop was hosted by Københavns Madhus. The Copenhagen Food House aims to “change society through better meals. This means organic products, meals made by people and served with care and dignity for those who eat it.” They develop projects aimed at creating a healthy, happy and sustainable food culture focusing on three aspects : community, formation & education and sustainability.

The event was similar to an event Princess Marie hosted in January 2018 when she welcomed ten school children in her home to teach them about food waste.

Afterward, Marie met with local food producers and with politicians. She did not attend any specific workshop but Selina Juul, the founder of the Stop Wasting Food Movement, reported on Twitter that Princess Marie had looked briefly on their ‘The First Supper’ panel debate.

Before leaving the festival, Princess Marie said to TV2: ” I think it is so important to teach children and young people about food waste. They are our future consumers, and that is our future generation, and they must learn to be creative and think sensibly and be very respectful of food”

You can watch a short video of Princess Marie at the event here.

For this event, Princess Marie wore her By Malene Birger double breasted coat with a new Burberry white crewneck sweater. She wore the same sweater in grey back in 2016.

She paired the outfit with neutral trousers with her Céline black crossbody bag and her Joseph ‘Frida’ black ankle boots. Her sunglasses are from Prada.

I’ll leave you with this statement that was given to me by Margrethe Rønnow, the director of the Danish section of the Lycée International of which Princess Marie is now the new Honorary President.

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