Prince Joachim

Prince Joachim takes on a new patronage from Prince Henrik

The Court has announced today that Prince Joachim has agreed to take on a new patronage that was previously held by Prince Henrik. Read more below.


Here is the press release from the Court:

Ordenshistorisk Selskab (Orders and Medals Society of Denmark) was founded in 1966 with the purpose of promoting the study of the history of orders and medals. The company cooperates with similar companies in Belgium, the UK, Germany, Austria and the USA.

Ordenshistorisk Selskab founded in 1977 the Collection of the History of Order, where orders and medals are gathered for study and exhibition use. The collection consists of, among other things, orders, medals and other decorations and order patents, which, by inheritance, gift or purchase, accrue to the collection.

The Prince takes over the patronage after Prince Henrik, who from 1978 until his death was the patron of the company.

Ordenshistorisk Selskab aims to spread the knowledge of the cultural significance of orders through meeting activities, travels and exhibitions : “The Society seeks to arrange 8 meetings per year – usually at the Tøjhusmuseet or Kastellet in Copenhagen, but it can also be in the form of museum visits or similar. As an example the Society in 2002 visited Den Kongelige Mønt (The Royal Mint) to learn about medal production. One of the yearly activities is a socalled mini-convention, where members with exhibitions from their own collection can compete for a prize.

Two times a year, Ordenshistorisk Selskab publish a Journal to present orders and medals. Their 2018 issues focused heavily on Prince Henrik following his death and war medals. They also published books over the year. I have reached out to the organization for a statement about the announcement. I will update the post if they release one.


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