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Keeping Up with Prince Joachim ( and his family!): May 13 – May 19

Prince Joachim and his family had a busy week last week with an official event, Princess Athena’s first soapbox race and the Classic Race in Aarhus. Read more below.

On Thursday, Princess Athena took part in her first soapbox race as part of the Classic Race Aarhus. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and her brother Prince Henrik were there to support her. Joachim and Marie’s friends, Britt and Oscar Davidsen Siesbye were also there as their daughter and Athena’s friend, Sofie Agnete, also took part in the race. Oscar is also one of Joachim’s teammates.

During the afternoon, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also paid a visit to the association Team Tvilling Aarhus who took part in a race.

Princess Marie wore her Uniqlo with a new purple knit top. I believe it could also be by Uniqlo.

She wore new sunglasses, her usual jewels and repeated her Peserico slip-on sneakers.

© Peserico

After the soapboax race, Prince Joachim took part in the opening ceremony of the Classic Race Aarhus.

Prince Joachim then attend the award ceremony of the Aarhus’ Handicraft Association.

In the evening, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were back at Mindeparken where they attended a dinner to celebrate the opening of the Classic Race alongside Britt and Oscar Siesbye and many of their friends and guests.

On Friday, Prince Joachim and his team Cortina Racing took part in their first race of the weekend. The weather was bad and it had an impact on Prince Joachim’s qualifying race as he explained during a post-race interview with TV2. He said : ” We started training this morning. It was still relatively dry. It was okay. Then we had the first race in pouring rain. It wasn’t okay. The starting position for the first race in the morning is well down in the field. That’s the way it is. I’m not happy to run in the rain.  Classic Race Aarhus is always a magnificent event. There is good atmosphere and it will not be less tomorrow when it will be time to drive the real race. “ I believe that Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and their children spent the weekend at Marselisborg Palace but I can’t confirm that.

On Saturday, Prince Joachim was joined by Princess Marie in the Cortina Racing stand. Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen visited the Race and he stopped by the stand to met with the couple as well as Joachim’s teammates Oscar Davidsen Siesbye and Martin Berner.

©Henrik Sørensen/CRAA

Princess Marie wore a navy coat with her Uniqlo jacket underneath.

The Cortina Racing team met with Claus Bech, one of the co-founder of the Classic Race. The Race is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and Claus Bech showed them the first program of the race. I believe you can spot Britt Siesbye in the background.

Prince Joachim took part in the final race on Sunday where he finished third. I don’t know if Princess Marie was there but I haven’t spotted her in any of the photos.

During the day, Prince Joachim posed for photos with the crowds.

He and his teammates also met with 13-years-old Oliver. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Oliver will be able to fulfill his dream to attend a NASCAR Motor Race in the US. This was made possible thanks to the Race With Heart project who raised DKK 155000 for the Foundation. The Classic Race Aarhus has always been focused on giving back, especially this year as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. DKK 155000 were raised during the charity race on Sunday (among other things, visitors could buy a drive with Tom Kristensen, a famous Danish racing driver) and the organization donated money to several local associations: DKK 250000 to improve children’s road safety in Risskov, DKK 100000 to the Children’s Traffic School and DKK 50000 to the school patrols in Aarhus.

Watch below as Prince Joachim surprises Oliver with the news!

Prince Joachim also talk about the race to the Classic Race Aarhus.

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