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Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend concert to celebrate Prince Joachim’s 50th birthday!

Tonight, a concert was hosted at the Bellevue Teatret to celebrate Prince Joachim’s 50th birthday! Read more below.

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The concert is the idea of several artists and organizations who work with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in honor to celebrate Prince Joachim’s 50th birthday. The concert was supposed to be held outdoor but since there was a possibility it would rain, it was decided today to move it to the Bellevue Teatret which is close by. One of the initiators of the concert, opera singer Jens-Christian Wandt says: “Prince Joachim has always had a great love for the classical music, he is the patron of several classical ensembles and listens with great enthusiasm to both opera, chamber music, Danish songs and choral music.Therefore, it is obvious that we are a number of artists who join together to give Prince Joachim this birthday present – and in that way thank him for his commitment to the world of classical music, but also to thank him for the great work he does as Prince to Denmark. We are very grateful that the Prince has said yes to this concert, it will definitely be a festive evening at Sølyst – all in the spirit of Prince Joachim. “

Anders Palmelund made Princess Marie’s bouquet for the evening and posted a beautiful close up on their Instagram page.

Crown Prince Frederik attended the concert as well. Crown Princess Mary is currently in Canada so she couldn’t attend. Prince Joachim’s ex-wife, Countess Alexandra, was also present. I am guessing that she will probably attend the gala dinner on June 7 as she attended the gala dinner for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday last year.

Prince Henrik’s nephew Charles-Henri Keller also attended the concert and he sat next to Prince Joachim while Crown Prince Frederik sat next to Princess Marie. Charles-Henri has always been very close to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and he has been working with them since their personal assistant and lady-in-waiting resigned last year although the Court has never officially confirmed his position in their staff.

During the concert, actress Susse Wold read poems written by Prince Henrik, while singer Bryan Rice, opera singer Jens-Christian Wandt, pianist Katrine Gislinge, the Danish Boys Choir and the Danish Girls Choir performed.

At the end of the concert, all the performers sang a birthday song for Prince Joachim. Afterward, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie went on the stage to thank the performers and Joachim made a small speech. He thanked Jens-Christian Wandt for organizing the concert and joked about his own piano skills. Prince Joachim also announced that he and Princess Marie had chosen Danske Hospitalsklovne to receive all the profit from the concert. This association aims to “spread smiles and happiness to hospitalized children and their families.” Kenneth Øhrberg, Director of Danish Hospital Clowns, said: “We are proud that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are aware of our efforts and grateful that the couple in this way show their support for our work.”

When they were leaving the concert, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie stopped to greet the people waiting for them outside of the theatre and Prince Joachim talked a little bit with the reporters. The evening ended with a private dinner at Sølyst.

Prince Joachim even got a nice birthday cake at the end of the dinner! The Court also published a nice photo of the two brothers during the dinner!

For this concert, Princess Marie wore a new dress by Christopher Kane. As far as we know, it is the first time she has worn this brand. I really really love this dress!


She wore her Jimmy Choo black glitter Romy pumps , her Jimmy Choo clutch and her Christine Hvelplund Fairytale earrings. She first wore these earrings on May 26 last year at the gala dinner for Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday.

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