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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Dannebrog’s fall

On 15 June, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended events to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Danish flag, the Dannebrog. Read more below.

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According to the legend, the Danish flag fell from the sky on June 15th, 1219 during the Battle of Lyndanisse (now Tallinn, in Estonia). The flag helped King Waldemar II win the battle as it fell on the Estonian and destroyed them.

To celebrate, Queen Margrethe is on an official visit to Estonia while Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were in Vordingbrog to attend events at the remains of King Valdemar II’s castle. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Copenhagen to attend a church service at Vor Frue Kirke alongside the Danish Prime Minister. During the service, the Copenhagen Boys ‘Choir, opera singer Gert Henning Jensen and the Royal Guards’ Brass Actors performed.

Afterwards, they attended an event at City Hall where they watched a flag parade and a small concert. Prince Joachim inspected the flags and they all sang ”I Danmark er jeg født” (In Denmark I was born)

Count Ingolf and Countess Susie of Rosenborg as well as Countess Josephine and Kenneth Schmidt , Countess Camilla and Ivan Ottesen and Countess Feodora and Morten Rønnow also attended the celebrations.

For these celebrations, Princess Marie wore her Goat pink dress first worn in August 2018 with her Jil Sander pink pumps.

© Goat Fashion
© Rebelle

Princess Marie paired the outfit with her Christine Hvelplund ‘Fairytale’ earrings as well as a new clutch and a new hat.


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