Stop Spild Af Mad

Princess Marie to take part in a new cookbook about food waste

Danish publishing house Gyldendal announced yesterday that they will publish Mad med Respekt (Food with Respect) on November 5, 2019 and that Princess Marie took part in the writing of the book. Read more below.


We don’t have much more information than the publishing house’s press release. Here is a translation:

Denmark’s largest enthusiast against food waste, a number of well-known chefs as well as HRH Princess Marie have joined forces to create a new cookbook for food waste that, at eye level, has to make Danish families have greater respect for food, to save time and money and at the same time help the environment. 

Over 700,000 tons of good and edible food is thrown out annually in Denmark. The biggest culprits are households, and it is especially families with children who have the greatest challenge of using the food. Every year, a Danish average family throws up to DKK 7,200 in the trash can.

There must be concrete and easy tools to help the families avoid food waste and put the trash can on diet. Therefore, founder of the Stop Wasting Food Movement, Selina Juul, has gathered some of Denmark’s dedicated food waste fighters: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie, the well-known TV chef Timm Vladimir, the food entrepreneur Anh Lê, the gastronomic superstars Francis Cardenau and Michel Michaud and the cookbook author Louisa Lorang. Together they have written a usable and simple cookbook on food waste, Food with respect , which is published by Gyldendal on November 5, 2019. 

All recipes in the book are based on foods that are among those who are typically thrown into Danish households, and Food with respect also shows how the remnants are stored and used in the best possible way, and how meals and purchases are planned in order to reduce food waste.  

The book’s total of 80 recipes has been prepared by the above contributors. Princess Marie writes the book’s preface and contributes with her own recipes. 

“Our cookbook  Food with Respect will give Danish families down-to-earth tools to become better at utilizing the food and to look after both the wallet and the environment,” says Selina Juul and continues: 

“The book is a great roof-self-board of good advice , recipes, tips and suggestions on how the family can get even better at utilizing the food as much as possible. To avoid food waste is about getting bigger respect for food – and for the gigantic process that has made us get food on the plate.”

Princess Marie has been very involved in the fight against food waste in Denmark in the past few years. You can learn more about the Stop Wasting Food Movement here.


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