Prince Joachim

Prins Joachim fortæller… : New information released about Prince Joachim’s documentary series! – Part 1

Last December, it was announced Prince Joachim was working with Nordisk Film on a six part documentary series that would air in the Fall. I was able to report on several days of shooting over the past few months and now new information were released. Read more below.

The documentary will be broadcasted each Wednesday evening on DRK at 20:45 starting on October 23rd. It is titled “Prins Joachim fortæller…” which translates to “Prince Joachim tells..” and each part will focus on six important values ​​that have helped to create Denmark as it is today. Those values are: faith, democracy, school, borders, law and symbols.

Local newspaper Bornholms Tidende reports that the first episode will focus on faith and will take place in Bornholm where Prince Joachim met with Klaus Thorsen and a team of amateur archaeologists. They stopped at the Sorte Muld, a field dating back from the Iron Age where you can find figurines engraved in solid gold plates.

Nordisk Film – the production company- also released a statement explaining that a digital teaching course was created to accompany the documentary: “The school book publisher Alinea has created a digital teaching course on the series. This means that all schools can use the series for teaching a new way of telling Denmark’s story. Never before has a member of a European royal house contributed so intensely to a school education course as it does here. That, you have to say, is a good way to go. For this is not about who Prince Joachim is. It is, on the other hand, about what he can do.” Anna Von Lowzow, the executive producer, said that the course would be available the day after the broadcast and all schools would have a free access to it. Not much information about the material as been released yet.

Back in December, Nordisk Film said that the program “focuses on the Danes today. How has faith, power, knowledge, law, boundaries, and symbols created us? Prince Joachim’s family has been part of the Danes’ identity for more than 1,000 years, and the Prince therefore also has Denmark’s history close to life. The recordings are based on the daily life we all know but dive into the time ahead. Together with the Danes, the Prince gives his idea of what it is that shaped us as a population over time, and why Denmark looks like it does today.” 

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