Prince Joachim

Prins Joachim fortæller… : New information released about Prince Joachim’s documentary series – Part 2

In the build up to the first airing of Prince Joachim’s documentary series on October 23rd, new information are released by local newspapers. Read more below.

Last week, a local newspaper from Bornholm shared exclusive details about the part of the episode focusing on Faith that was shot in Bornholm. This week, we learn more about another part of the Faith episode as well as new details from the School episode.

Local newspaper Randers Amtsavis reports that Djursland will play a role in both episodes. Indeed, during the Faith episode, Prince Joachim will visit Grenå Church where he met with priest Lars Seeberg and expectant confirmers. Another part of the episode was shot at Rugaard Manor where Prince Joachim will talk about witch-hunting.

The School episode – which will be broadcasted on November 6th according to the newspaper – will also features scenes in Djursland as Prince Joachim filmed in Estruplund Church and the Gl. Estrup Manor House Museum.

The newspaper also reports that the Symbols episode – expecting to air on November 27th – will feature Prince Joachim reading the news on P4 Radio Station in Naevsted. It appears that Joachim also shot scenes abroad for the documentary. We knew about England and Estonia already but apparently he also filmed in Norway, Sweden ( which I believe took place in early April 2019), Iceland and Germany.

As always, I will write about any info I can get before the documentary airs but I am also planning features around each episode to be as informative as possible so I hope you’ll enjoy those!

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