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Princess Marie on her family’s new life in Paris : “It’s very exciting!”

This morning, some Danish journalists currently in Paris covering Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s visit to Paris caught Princess Marie walking Prince Henrik and Princess Athena to school and she spoke with them for a little while. As the video and photos feature other children, I will not post them on the blog but you can learn more about what Princess Marie said below.


About Prince Henrik and Princess Athena:

It’s going well. The children are starting to be really happy to speak French. After two months, they speak very good French. Yes, I think [they are enjoying school] – they don’t complain anyway. So I think they’re happy. Of course they miss their friends in Denmark, but there are a lot of kids from a lot of nationalities here, and it’s exciting.

About Prince Joachim and his military training:

 It’s a little tough. He works really, really hard, but I think he thinks it’s very exciting.

About going back to Denmark and missing their family and friends:

[When going back to Denmark this year,] we will live either in Amalienborg or Schackenborg, but we haven’t gone back home yet. But it’s only a year, so we’ll probably find a place to be. And Paris may not have quite as clean air as Copenhagen, but you always miss something when you are in another country. And Denmark is such a fantastic country!

Princess Marie also said it’ll be very nice to attend the dinner hosted at Paris City Hall for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary tonight.

BT also reports that Princess Marie confirmed the family would spend the fall school break in Denmark but they haven’t decided if they’ll spend Christmas in Denmark and in France. She also stressed that the stay in Paris would only last a year.

One thought on “Princess Marie on her family’s new life in Paris : “It’s very exciting!”

  1. May Princess Marie of Denmark’s family spend a wonderful life in Paris and a good relationship between Denmark and France deepen further


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