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Princess Marie’s new big project: a family cookbook to fight against food waste!

Princess Marie’s new project with Selina Juul and the Stop Wasting Food Movement will come out on November 5 and aims to help families reduce their food waste. Read the press release from the publishing house and more information – as well as announcements for the blog- below.

It was announced today that the cookbook Mad Med Respekt (Food with Respect) will come out on November 5 and that Princess Marie took part in the book as reported back in June. We now have more information as well as the book cover! Since the Court will update their calendar for the next 2 weeks this afternoon, we might have more information then.

Food leftovers are food treasures. If you eat the food you buy, the environment and your wallet will benefit. An average family can save more than DKK 7,000 a year by avoiding discarding food, and less food waste is one of the best known solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, food production is considered to be the third largest CO2 emitter in the world.

Founder of Stop Wasting Food, Selina Juul, HRH Princess Marie, TV chef Timm Vladimir, food entrepreneur Anh Lê, gastronomic superstars Francis Cardenau and Michel Michaud as well as TV chef Louisa Lorang, who are all passionate about food waste, present their best recipes.

Food with respect includes:
80 family-friendly recipes, based on ingredients and leftovers that Danish households frequently throw out
Ideas for the breakfast table, packed lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert and party meals.
Tips, knowledge and good advice for a household without food waste.

Each sold copy of this book triggers a donation to DanChurchAid.

Note: Princess Marie is an official partner of the Stop Wasting Food movement since 2016 and the Patron of DanChurchAid since 2009.

Marie wore her Tara Jarmon white pleated blouse on the book cover.

© Tara Jarmon

Just like I’m trying to give you as much information as possible regarding Prince Joachim’s documentary, I will try to be as informative with this project as well. Starting from Monday and leading to November, there will special posts up on the blog focusing on Princess Marie’s commitment to the fight against food waste and to DanChurchAid. Some of you have been asking what I’ve been teasing on social media but all I’ll say until it comes out on 7 November is that it is related to the fight against food waste.

On a personal note, through Princess Marie’s work with the Stop Wasting Food movement, I was able to learn so much more about food waste and in trying to get more information to cover Princess Marie’s events as best as possible, I learned a lot from Selina Juul herself about how to change your habits at home and I can say that it really changed my life in the sense that I’m saving time, money and the environment. I really hope the book, which aims to inspire families, will really make a change because I know how much Selina and the Stop Wasting Food movement work on their many many projects in Denmark and how involved Princess Marie is. They really are an example to follow and I’ll never say it enough. I’m also really happy that DanChurchAid will get the money from the book as the money will help people suffering from hunger in Africa.

As always, some links if you want to learn more about the association or the fight against food waste:

Stop Wasting Food Movement (Stop Spild Af Mad) has existed for over 11 years. Stop Wasting Food movement is Denmark’s largest non-profit organisation against food waste measured by the number of completed activities and projects throughout the entire food value chain from farm to fork, the number of Danish and international media exposures, and the number of followers on combined social media. Stop Wasting Food movement was founded in 2008 and has initiated the fight against food waste in Denmark and brought Denmark’s fight against food waste on the world map. Stop Wasting Food movement’s purpose is to work broadly throughout the entire food value chain from farm to fork nationally and internationally to produce, find and disseminate tangible solutions to prevent and minimize food waste. Chairman of the Board and Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Selina Juul is also a Board Member of the Danish Government’s ONE\THIRD – Think Tank on the Prevention of Food Waste and Food Losses, Member of the global coalition against food losses and food waste Champions 12.3, Member of European Commission’s EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste and Partner of the global United Nations SAVE FOOD initiative

Avoid Food Waste Traps

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