Prince Joachim

Prins Joachim fortæller…: “Denmark’s history has been closely linked to my family’s.” + Latest News

As the first part of Prince Joachim’s documentary aired tonight, let’s take a look at the latest news before tomorrow’s summary, behind the scenes and reviews post. I wanted this post to be live this morning but I got busy with other blogging commitment so please excuse the lateness of this post and stay tuned for tomorrow’s eventful day on the blog!

This morning, the Danish court shared photos of Prince Joachim during the filming of the documentary.

Prince Joachim also shared a message saying:

“Let me say right away: I’m nervous today. For tonight there is a premiere on the TV program “Prince Joachim tells …”, where I tell and explain Danish history in the best broadcast time.
This past year I have been part of the editorial team behind a program series on our shared history. It’s been something of a journey; from Bornholm to Esbjerg; Northern Jutland to Lolland – and abroad. I have been to confirmation preparation in Grenå, visited a farmer’s family in Lolland, with border police at work at Copenhagen Airport and visited Tallinn in Estonia, where the myth of our flag, Dannebrog, originated. All to describe faith, democracy, school, borders, law, and symbols, and how this has become part of us throughout history.
The first part can be seen tonight on DRK at 20.45. I hope you guys will watch. Sincerely, Prince Joachim. “

DRK also published a short trailer of the documentary in which Joachim says: ” For over 1000 years, Denmark’s history has been closely linked to my family’s. […]I feel connected to the people and events that have created Denmark.”

The Court also released a short extract of the episode that aired tonight and which focused on faith.

The producer of the documentary Anna von Lowzow gave several interviews to promote the series. Anna von Lowzow and Prince Joachim have been friends for a long time and Anna told B.T that the first rough idea of the documentary came seven years ago. However, they were not able to do it until last year because of their busy schedules. Anna said that Prince Joachim is very knowledgable and she joked that she would definitely choose him as her partner if she was invited to play ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?”.

I don’t think I know any human who knows so much about so many things in so many genres. I would be completely lost if I was asked about a football game or handball or ice hockey or any genres of music. But he can answer.

– Anna von lowzow

Another reminder is that Alinea decided to collaborate with Nordisk Film Production to create a digital course based on the documentary. After each episode airs, teachers in Denmark will get access to a digital course based on the episode.

On that note, I can also share that it was reported by Dit-Helsingor that Nordisk Film and Prince Joachim asked Danish historian Asser Amdisen to be a consultant in the documentary. Amdisen published a book about Denmark’s history in 2017. Both Amdisen and Prince Joachim had the same starting point for their projects : who are the Danes and what made them who they are? Amdisen said that the collaboration came as a surprise but that it was fun and exciting.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to find each episode online but I gathered enough information over the past year to write a summary of the episode, show behind-the-scenes photos shared on social media by people who filmed with Prince Joachim and reviews by Danish journalists every Thursday so stay tuned!

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