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Princess Marie and her work with DanChurchAid

Ahead of the release of the cookbook “Food with respect” on November 5th, learn more about Princess Marie’s work in the fight against food waste, her work with the Stop Wasting Food Movement and her work as Patron of DanChurchAid in a series of posts that will be posted throughout the coming week! Read more on her work with DanChurchAid below!

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Princess Marie became Patron of DanChurchAid in 2011. DanChurchAid “supports the poorest of the world in their struggle for a dignified life and helps those whose lives are threatened. We provide emergency relief in disaster-stricken areas and long-term development assistance in poor regions – to create a more equitable and sustainable world.” It makes sense then that each copy sold of the “Food with Respect” cookbook will trigger a donation to DanChurchAid.

Princess Marie attends their Christmas event each year. She will attend the 2019 event later this week. The event aims to be a bring together all of the association’s partners and thank them for their hard work.

Earlier this year she also visited two of their projects in Skive:

She also took part in several of their campaigns. In April 2018, she made a video message supporting their campaign against landmines.

In June 2018, she took part in an event during Folkemodet to support the campaign.

A year later, she attended the opening of an exhibition about landmines.

In 2016, she also took part in their campaign against hunger and sold homemade soups to support the association’s annual donation campaign.


The same year, she attended the opening of DanChurchAid’s first WeFood store:

She also attended a food-related engagement for DanChurchAid in May 2015:

Princess Marie undertook several humanitarian trips with DanChurchAid. She visited Myanmar in 2016 , Ethiopia in 2014 and Cambodia in 2012.

Back in 2012, she also attended the opening of one of DanChurchAid’s thrift store:

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