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Princess Marie opens Christmas in Schackenborg at Schackenborg Castle + A new portrait of the Princess

Today, Princess Marie attended her last event in Denmark before flying back to Paris. The event took place at Schackenborg Castle where Marie and her family stayed during the fall break. Read more below

Princess Marie brought a little surprise to event. She came out of Schackenborg Castle with Cerise, the family’s dog!

Schackenborg Castle hosts an Christmas exhibitions from DR’s many Christmas calendars over the past 50 years, and has beautifully covered Christmas tables from Rosendahl Design Group, Kähler, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark and Holmegaard in the living rooms.

In her speech, Princess Marie said: “How nice it is to see so many gathered here today. Schackenborg is a special place for me. This is where Prince Joachim and I got married. This is where we got our lovely children. This is where I feel at home when I’m in Denmark. Christmas is the most beautiful tradition we have and it is really a great pleasure to declare Christmas at Schackenborg open.

You can see more photos of the event here and a video here.

Marie wore her Emporio Armani jacket with a new Hugo Boss blouse.

She paired the blouse with black wide leg trousers and a new Sandro belt and her Zara ankle boots.

On Thursday, while she was still in Copenhagen, she met with artist Nina Jensen at Amalienborg Palace. Nina made a beautiful portait of Princess Marie.

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A close-up of the painting 😊

A post shared by Nina Jensen (@__ninstagram__) on

EXCLUSIVE: I managed to get more information about Princess Marie’s new portrait! Nina Jensen, the amazing artist, took part in the documentary De Skjulte Talenter (Extraordinary People) where Princess Marie saw her art. Marie is Patron of the Danish Association for Autism so when the CEO of the association talked to Marie about having Nina paint a portrait of the Princess, Marie accepted happily. She sent Nina a photo at the end of September and Nina started the painting at the beginning of October. Then, on Thursday, she went to Amalienborg With the CEO of the association and her mom.

About the meeting, Nina said: «  We were in there for 45 minutes and she was super great. We talked about several things such as my future goals etc..and she told me she wanted me to update her on the happenings of my life and if I get into the college I applied to. She had her dog with her (she was so cute!) »

What a nice project this was and what a big opportunity for Nina!

In the portrait, Princess Marie wore her Emporio Armani jacket and her Christine Hvelplund ‘Fairytale’ earrings.

Princess Marie and her family stayed at Schackenborg during the fall holidays and she spent 3 days in Copenhagen this week. Prince Joachim and the children went back to France before 4 Nov as that was the end of the school break. I expect Princess Marie to be back in Denmark on December 1st as she usually attends an event for World AIDS Day as Patron of AIDS-Fondet. AIDS-Fondet also have their Christmas concert on the same day.

4 thoughts on “Princess Marie opens Christmas in Schackenborg at Schackenborg Castle + A new portrait of the Princess

  1. The exhibition looks to have been very interesting. Love what the Princess is wearing. The jacket and blouse are lovely. Pants are a excellent fit. She looks very elegant.


  2. I think Queen Letizia wore this same blouse in red recently. I love, love the jacket. Princess Marie looked very nice, but I would have liked to have seen a colored blouse. I loved seeing her little dog. I lost my dog last week and want another dog soon!


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