Danske Sektion of the Lycée International

Princess Marie visits the Danish Section of the Lycée International in Paris, France

Today, Princess Marie returned to official engagements in France this time. Read more below

Following several events in Denmark last week, Princess Marie has two events in Paris this week related to her patronages. This morning, she visited the Danish Section of the Lycée International of Saint-Germain-en-Laye as Honorary President. During the visit, Princess Marie met with the youngest pupils as well as from the middle school.

The section welcomes Danish children whose families are staying in Paris for some time: “Lycée International is the only school in France where Danish is included in the normal curriculum in the form of 6 weekly hours at each grade level in Danish and history. The teaching is conducted by Danish-educated teachers, who are constantly updated on teaching plans and developments in the Danish schools. The students will thus easily be integrated into the Danish school system after their stay.” The school has a total of 14 different language sections.

Princess Marie took over the Honorary President position from Prince Henrik earlier this year and this was her first visit to the school. You can watch a short video of the visit here.

UPDATE 16/11: I managed to get exclusive information about the visit courtesy of the school! As this was Princess Marie’s first visit to the school, she wanted something as intimate as possible that was less focused on formal speeches and more focused on meeting the children and understanding how the Danish section is important to them. That is why most of the photos were taken by parents and not journalists as there were less journalists/photographers than for a usual event. She also talked about her own challenge as a parent of French-Danish children as her children still answer to her in Danish sometimes.I am told Marie was very attentive and asked a lot of questions as she really wanted to understand how the Danish section works and how essential it is for these children. Children were allowed to ask her questions and she answered them as best as she could. After the tour of the building and the meeting with the children, the Headmaster of the School and the President of the Section made speeches before some of the school children made a small speech in Danish and in French. I was told that Princess Marie seemed like a match to take over the position from Prince Henrik as she is also French-born like him and also had to learn Danish so she lives with a bilingual culture which is something she has always said was a richness to her. They thought her profile was perfect for the spirit of the school.

Marie wore a black Armani Collezioni blazer and black trousers as well as her Sergio Rossi black ankle boots. I think the jacket is new but I’m completely sure. She also wore her monogrammed brooch which she first wore at the funeral of Prince Henrik in 2018 as well as her YSL Sunset Wallet bag.

Photos and information courtesy of the Section Danoise. There are affiliate links in this post.

4 thoughts on “Princess Marie visits the Danish Section of the Lycée International in Paris, France

  1. What a great school initiative. The Princess looks great, lovely ensemble. Love the addition of the brooch. The bag is gorgeous, I love it!


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