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2019 Year in Review: Princess Marie and her main Patronages

As part of our 2019 Year in Review series, let’s take a look at Princess Marie’s events for her main Patronages this year. Just click on the date to read each post about each event.

This year was a special one as Princess Marie is living in Paris, France since September so she hasn’t attended as many events as last year but she had a big project in the work.


On December 1st, Princess Marie attended the Foundation’s annual Christmas concert and the ceremony on World AIDS Day commemorating those who lost their lives to AIDS.

On December 2nd, Princess Marie attended a working meeting with the Foundation.


Folkekirkens Noedjhaelp:

On April 30th, Princess Marie was in Skive to visit two project supported by the Foundation.

On November 7th, Princess Marie attended the Foundation’s annual Christmas event.

Photo courtesy of Nuria Tiburcio

On December 2nd, Princess Marie opened the new WeFood store in Copenhagen.

Foto: Lasse Emil Kristiansen, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

Landsforeningen Autisme:

On February 4th, Princess Marie visited Nordea to meet with the employees with autism.

© Sonja Thomsen, Nordea

On April 2nd, Princess Marie took part in a video message on World Autism Awareness Day to support the Foundation’s online campaign ‘Autism Acceptance – There is Plenty to Fight For’.

Fight against food waste:

Princess Marie’s big project this year was the release of the cookbook ‘Mad med Respekt’.

On May 10th, Princess Marie visited Madens Folkemode, a food festival fighting against food waste.

On November 5th, Princess Marie attended the launch of the cookbook in Copenhagen.

©Simon Knudsen

On November 6th, Princess Marie attended the annual international Stop Wasting Food Dinner.

© Simon Knudsen

Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA):

Princess Marie is an honorary member of DEMA since 2011  and she works as a special project assistant since 2016 but she also attends public events for the organization.

On May 20th, Princess Marie visited the ammunition clearing center and the Danish Emergency Management Agency’s Watercraft vessels near Copenhagen.

The Danish National UNESCO Commission

On January 24th, Princess Marie attended the launch of the Danish UNESCO National Commission’s new strategy for 2019-2022

On May 15th, Princess Marie attended the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2019

On October 24th, Princess Marie privately visited the UNESCO Headquarters to meet with the Director General Audrey Azoulay.

On November 15th, Princess Marie attended the UNESCO 40th General Conference in Paris

New Patronages

Princess Marie also had events for two or her new patronages this year.

On November 7th, Princess Marie visited Mulernes Legatskole to meet with the departments of the Alliance Française in Denmark.

On November 14th, Princess Marie visited the Danish Section of the Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye as Honorary President.

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