2019 Recap · Review

2019 Year in Review: Your votes for Princess Marie’s best daywear and evening outfits!

Here are the results of your votes for 2019! Good choices all around! Tune in tomorrow for the days worked post for the Danish royal family and on January 1st for the wardrobe cost post and the New Year Gala post!

Evening Outfit:

I shouldn’t be surprised that we have a tie for this first category! Both of Princess Marie’s Rikke Gudnitz gala gowns were your favorites this year with 38.46% of your votes each! The one she wore for the official photos was already your favorite one last year.


Runner-up: With 12.31% of the votes, the Christopher Kane dress Princess Marie wore on June 3rd comes in third place.

Day Outfit [January-June]:

The votes were very close again in this category but we do have a winner! With 25% of your votes, the outfit Princess Marie wore on June 15th is your winner.

Runner-up: We have another tie for runner-up! With 12.5% of your votes, the outfits worn on May 15th and June 7th come in second and third places!

© Steen Brogaard

Day Outfit [July-December]:

I admit I was surprised by the votes in this last category. With 20.59% of your votes, the outfit Princess Marie wore on November 29th is your favorite this year.

Runner-up: Our runner-up this year, with 17.65% of the votes, is the outfit Princess Marie wore for World AIDS Day on December 1st.

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