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2019 Year in Review: The Danish Royal Family’s work in review

One of the most important posts of the 2019 Year in Review series is here! After counting the numbers of days worked by the Danish royal family in 2017 and in 2018, I did it again this year. Read more below!

A few disclaimers before studying the data:

It is important to note that every member of the royal family works more than these numbers because there are countless hours of meetings and preparation behind each of these events and they are not on the calendar. Furthermore, both Prince Joachim and Princess Marie moved to Paris, France during the summer. While Prince Joachim was unable to carry out official engagements in Denmark as he has school from Mondays to Saturday mornings, Princess Marie did travel back to Denmark for a few days in November and December and had official engagements in France as well. Prince Joachim also spent a big part of early 2019 filming for his documentary services. Up until their move, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie both also had day jobs. During the year, it was also announced that Crown Princess Mary could now act as Regent when Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik are both abroad at the same time.

I included unannounced events in this tally as well as official family events such as Queen Margrethe’s birthday and the gala dinners for Princess Benedikte’s and Prince Joachim’s birthdays . I did not count their attendance at the two Christmas services as days worked.

Onto the data now!

As a whole, the family worked more days than in 2018. For the year of 2019, someone in the family had a publicly announced event a total of 227 days of the year- 62% of the days in 2019. It was 220 days in 2018 and 260 days in 2017. Unlike last year, Queen Margrethe is the member of the family who worked the most days with 116 days worked (i.e a day where she had an event on the calendar or a day where she had an unannounced event that we had photos of).

In my post last year, I wondered what 2019 would be like for Princess Benedikte as her numbers had increased. Well, her numbers continued to increase and she has 78 days worked in 2019, 15 more than in 2018. She has also acted as Regent for 6 days. With Prince Joachim and Princess Marie being in France until Summer 2020 and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary spending more time in Switzerland in early 2020 as their children will study there, I wonder if that means we’ll see Princess Benedikte even more.

While Crown Prince Frederik was the member of the royal family with the highest number of days worked last year, it is not the case as he only has 96 days worked. Out of the 365 days of the year, Crown Prince Frederik was Regent for 50 days which is 3 days more than in 2018. On the other hand, Crown Princess Mary worked 9 days more than last year as she has 104 days worked in 2019. Crown Princess Mary has also acted a Regent for 3 days in December.

As we all know, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie moved to France in the summer which obviously had an impact on their numbers. In addition, both of them worked on big projects – his documentary series and the “Food with Respect” cookbook respectively- and this behind the scenes work can’t be counted in this tally. Unsurprisingly, Prince Joachim is the member of the royal family with the fewer days worked with 23 days worked. He also acted as Regent for 4 days. Princess Marie also worked fewer days than in 2018 as she has 32 days worked which is twenty days less than in 2017 and 2018. As the move (and the adjustment period for the family and the children in particular) happened during Princess Marie’s usually busiest months, this is not surprising either. I honestly have no idea what the engagements pattern will be like for Princess Marie but I imagine she’ll do a mix of engagements in Denmark and in France just like she started doing in November & December. However, I don’t expect Prince Joachim to have many engagements in Denmark in 2020 until they move back, unless it happens during French school holidays (other than the New Year’s Gala tomorrow obviously). I do expect the family to attend the celebrations for Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday in April.

Here is a recap of the data, what do you think about these numbers? What are you expecting for 2020?

©Data by Princess Marie’s Closet/ Use only with Credit

Are you curious how these numbers look in comparison to their Swedish Counterparts? Click here!

If you would like to use these numbers for your own article- please make sure to credit me and link back to my original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send me an email

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