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2019 Year in Review: How much did Crown Princess Mary’s and Princess Marie’s 2019 wardrobes cost?

Just as we did in 2017 and 2018, let’s take a look at what Crown Princess Mary’s and Princess Marie’s 2019 wardrobes cost. Read more below.

I will focus on Crown Princess Mary first and then on Princess Marie but there is a big recap infographic at the end of the post including a 2017-2019 comparison.

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As shown in the days worked numbers that were published, Crown Princess Mary had a busy year. She debuted 126 new items this year and as shown below, we have managed to identify 81 of those. The rest is still unidentified and is thus excluded from this count.

© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Among the 81 items for which we have a brand, 16 were custom made and are thus also excluded from this count. There are 4 items included in the count for which we have an estimated price. To give a concrete example of what this means, Crown Princess Mary wore a Jane Taylor headband on December 9th that was available on Taylor’s website in another color. The headband online retailed at £294 and thus this is the estimated price of Mary’s headband. We do not consider it to be the full price as Mary’s exact headband isn’t available online but we estimate that it is a close price and thus gives more accuracy to the count.

For the 65 items for which we have either a full retail price or an estimated price, Crown Princess Mary’s total came to 70,119.35 € ($ 78,652.17 USD). Her average price-per-piece was 1,078 € ($ 1,209.18 USD). The most expensive piece for which we have a price is her Boucle Ensemble Earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe which cost €13380 (approximatively $ 15000 USD).

While she debuted 126 new items, Crown Princess Mary wore lot of older pieces this year as shown in the graph below. Earlier this year, she said in an interview that she was trying to do her part when it comes to the impact of fashion on the environment by repeating more. These numbers show that she did indeed repeat most of her outfits this year.

A little bit more than 1/3 of the 81 items we managed to identify were from Danish brands in 2019. You can see a comparison with 2018 in the graph below.

© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit
© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Princess Marie debuted 54 new items this year and we managed to identify 35 of those. Obviously, with her family’s move to Paris, Princess Marie worked less and thus had fewer opportunities to debut new pieces. Out of the 35 items we identified, 5 are excluded as they were custom made and we haven’t estimated a price for them. 1 item was estimated for Princess Marie this year, a pair of earrings from Christine Hvelplund, based on the jeweller’s Instagram comment about the price.

© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Thus, for the 30 pieces we have a price for, Princess Marie’s total came to 28,546.70€ ($32,020.55 USD). Her average price-per-piece is 951.56€ ($1,067.36 USD). Her most expensive item was once again from jeweller Christine Hvelplund as she debuted a stunning diamong flower ring that, according to the jeweller’s instagram, cost DKK 79,500.00 (10,605€).

Just like Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie repeated a lot of pieces this year.

© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

She also wore more international brands than Danish brands. It is interesting to note that approximatively 10% of these identified new items by international brands were from French brands.

© Data by Princess Marie’s Closet / Use only with credit

Here is a recap with an interesting average price-per-piece graph that might help put these numbers in perspective.

What did you think of these numbers? Don’t hesitate to comment!


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