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Princess Marie spends her second day in Uganda with DanChurchAid

Yesterday, Princess Marie spent her second day in Uganda as Patron of DanChurchAid, this time in the Arua district. Read more below.

©Bax Lindhardt/Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

On her second day in Uganda, Princess Marie flew from Kampala to the Arua district. Princess Marie and the members of the media flew in a small plane and that was a fun experience who acted as a co-pilot. When she got off the plane, she said that it had been “Very exciting, and I would say we were with a fantastic pilot, so I was in very safe hands.”

©BT Video

About meeting Princess Marie, Rembrandt Rodenburg, the pilot, said “It was really good. She was very interested and we had several conversations on different topics. We talked about flying, we talked about the work she is involved in as patron of the DanChurchAid, and we talked about her family and her children. They are actually almost the same age as my children. And we have moved around and they have moved around between countries so it was really nice to talk to the princess. I really enjoyed it.”

©Bax Lindhardt/Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

Upon their arrival in Arua, Princess Marie and each member of the media was checked for a fever and tested for the Ebola virus. From there, Princess Marie attended her first event of the day.

She visited the DanChurchAid project “Fresh Fruit Nexus”. The project was developed by the Danish International Development Agency in Northern Uganda in 2018 and is administered by DanChurchAid. This five-year project was established in partnership with Nordic Fruit, UniCool, and Biofresh to “create more than 2000 jobs, boost local marked development and thereby provide substantial contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.” Princess Marie will meet farmers and families who grow crops both for the local population, but also for Danish consumers.

©Bax Lindhardt/Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

She met with a group of local Ugandan farmers in the Omugo Refugee Settlement who, together with refugee families, have started a cooperative where they can collect their crops together and have the opportunity to borrow money from each other.

©Bax Lindhardt/Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

Afterwards, Princess Marie met with four women from South Sudan who have fled with their families into Uganda. DanChurchAid said: “It was clear that the Princess felt comfortable in the women’s company as they walked around the field showing off several of the crops – including ginger, turmeric and sweet potatoes.”

©Bax Lindhardt/Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

During the visit, 21-year-old Beatrice told Princess Marie that the project had saved her son’s life. Her 4-year-old son became seriously ill from malaria, but because she had the opportunity to borrow money from the other farmers, she was able to buy the necessary medication. Beatrice said: “If I hadn’t been given the opportunity to borrow money, my child might not have survived.”

©Bax Lindhardt/Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

You can watch a video of the day below. DanChurchAid said that the news of Princess Marie’s visit quickly travelled around the settlement and that children came to greet her (as shown in the first photo of this post).

For travelling from Kampala to Arua, Princess Marie wore a new blouse by French brand IRO. It is the Gosh Wrap Blouse. She paired the outfit with jeans and new Nike trainers.

When she met with the farmers and the women from the refugee settlement, Princess Marie changed into a DanChurchAid top that says “It is Danish to share”. She also wore her DanChurchAid cap.

In the video shared by Billed Bladet, we can see that Princess Marie carried a new bag. It looks like the Le Pliage LGP Camera Bag by Longchamp.

She also wore her Rolex watch, her Christine Hvelplund alphabet necklace and her Christine Hvelplund Fairytale small earrings and her Versace sunglasses.

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