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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are back in France + Princess Marie on Italian TV and other news

I am back with a quick post on the blog as Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and their children went back to Paris this weekend. We also have some other news about Princess Marie as well as birthday photos and a message from Prince Joachim. Read more below.

© Screenshot Rai GEO TV

This morning, the Court announced that Prince Joachim’s family travelled back to France over the weekend.

During the weekend, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and the children, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, traveled back to Paris.

In the French capital, Prince Joachim resumes his military educational course, which the Prince has kept up with from Denmark over the past eight weeks through distance learning and online conferences, among other means. In addition, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena start up gradually in their French school today; the children have kept up with their schooling from home since March.

This is not a surprising announcement as France is starting to ease lockdown today with elementary schools slowly reopening. Prince Joachim had to return to complete his military course but children are not obligated to go to school even if their school reopened and if they do go back, new measures are in place to make sure that social distancing is applied. With the wording of the statement, I think Prince Joachim and Princess Marie decided that that Henrik and Athena should go back to school.

Last week, Prince Henrik celebrated his 11th birthday! Two photos were released for the occasion. Both photos were taken by Princess Athena. The first one was taken at Schackenborg where the family was staying while the second one was taken in Tonder where the family had been spotted the day before.

©Princess Athena/Kongehuset
© Princess Athena/Kongehuset

On May 7th, Prince Joachim sent a video message to the Diabetes Association of which he is Patron.

“Coronavirus has changed our everyday lives. Not only in Denmark, but worldwide. It is a difficult time in which we live.
And if you are in the risk group, you probably feel extra challenged in these times. If you as a diabetic – or relatives of a diabetic – feel particularly challenged, then let your worries overwhelm you. 

This is where the Diabetes Association comes into the picture. It has for 80 years been a good and solid advisor to its members. But it is even more than that. The Diabetes Association is a forum. It is your network with others in the same situation as you. 

Join that community. Use your network. Share your queries. And help answer other people’s questions. Then you get better through the corona crisis. And so does everyone else in the same situation. 

Watch out for yourselves. The Diabetes Association is there for you and with you.  Take care.”

Finally, on May 7th, Rai GEO TV aired a short documentary on Copenhagen called ‘The Green City’. As the documentary focused on food waste, both Princess Marie and Selina Juul of the Stop Wasting Food Movement were interviewed. You can watch the short documentary here.

© Screenshot Rai GEO TV
© Screenshot Rai GEO TV

Here is what Princess Marie said (with thanks to Sara for the translation!):

“Denmark has reduced food waste by 25%, we have many good initiatives and almost all supermarket chains have a policy against food waste as well as many restaurants and there are phone apps that point out where you can find exceeding food. Then we have special supermarkets called ‘WeFood’ that sell everything that regular supermarkets can’t sell for many reasons such as damaged packaging or expiry date which is too soon so one can buy those products in those supermarkets at half price!

I’ve been educated in not wasting food and I’m educating my children in the same way. It’s a natural instinct, a natural reaction. I must be creative, I have to make broccoli taste good the day after, maybe by putting Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on or something like that to make (the children) eat them!”

For the interview, Princess Marie wore her Alexander McQueen pink blazer with a white top and white trousers and her Tod’s wedges.

She also wore her Christine Hvelplund alphabet necklace and universe necklace.

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