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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie give an interview to Billed-Bladet

Before flying back to Paris, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie gave an interview to Billed-Bladet while they were staying at Schackenborg Castle. Read more below.


The interview took place on May 4th, the day of Prince Henrik’s birthday. While the Billed-Bladet’s front page teases revelations about their future after their year in Paris, there is no big revelation. When asked if the family plans to come back to Denmark when Prince Joachim’s training is done, he said: “Who knows? It’s too early to say what the future might offer. So much can happen and I keep all option open.” When the journalist asked if a job abroad was an option, Joachim said that it could be a possibility but that everything can happen in these difficult times. Princess Marie added that “Nobody knows anything until we get back to a fairly normal everyday life. I hope it is soon. For everyone.”

As the interview took place on Henrik’s birthday, he revealed that his birthday gifts were the sweatshirt and the trainers he’s wearing for the interview. He also said that his favorite dish is sushi but that they couldn’t get it delivered for his birthday. His parents added that he really likes seafood such as oysters and squid. Princess Athena said that her favorite food is pasta, rice, ham and chocolate. She also likes frogs legs.

While Prince Henrik and Princess Athena were playing with the family dog Cerise, Joachim and Marie talked about their worries during this coronavirus crisis. Prince Joachim said that Henrik hadn’t been sick for too long before they came back to Denmark as his health deteriorated suddenly but they felt it was better and safer if he was treated at Rigshospitalet by his regular doctors. He was tested for coronavirus but thankfully, he was negative and it turned out to be asthmatic bronchitis. Joachim said that this is a “challenging and strange time, after all. For everyone. Because nobody knows how and when this will end. Everything is associated with great uncertainty, which of course makes people insecure.”

Joachim also compared their self-isolation in Paris – where a total lockdown was in place at the time and you could only go outside for specific reasons – and their self-isolation at Amalienborg when they got back to Denmark – where the restrictions were not as strict. He said that it was hard for the children to say in an apartment all day but that at Amalienborg they had a small garden and a parking lot that they could go to. It was even better when they were able to move back to Schackenborg as they were in the middle of nature.

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Marie said that both Henrik and Athena followed their classes remotely (as was the case since March 16th when all French schools closed). Marie said they did very well and that it a great experience but now, they are worried about going back to school. Marie said she was worried about not everyone having masks on the school run but she said she takes physical distancing and this “horrible virus” very very seriously.

Prince Joachim also went back to the Ecole Militaire on Monday but he discussed the new measures in place to protect all the students: “We have to come in uniforms with masks and gloves. We have a reduced number of people and a great distance between everyone in the room. It will be strange to watch.” Princess Marie is a little worried about him bringing the virus back home as she says: “But you have to be around so many people… When you go out there, you really have to be careful! I think we have to make a room for you at home where you can self-isolate from us.” Joachim reassured her by saying he’ll be very careful and he’ll take a shower as soon as he gets home.

Prince Joachim also told Billed-Bladet that he just handed his end of the year thesis and that he is going back to Paris to defend it. He will finish his military leadership training in June, a few days before Henrik and Athena are scheduled to finish their school year.

For this interview, Princess Marie wore a new coat with old trainers and her Versace sunglasses.

Prince Henrik and Princess Athena both wore Nike hoodies and Henrik also wore Nike sneakers.

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