Prince Joachim

Prince Joachim finishes his military training in France + Other news

Prince Joachim received his diploma in Paris, France today! Read more below

The Court announced today that Prince Joachim received his diploma after he completed his military training in France. He is the first Danish officer to complete France’s highest military training. He received his diploma from the French Chief of Defense General Lecointre.

Both the HPRD (the main organization for Personnel of the Reserve in Denmark) and the Søværnets Reserve congratulated Prince Joachim on social media today! Prince Joachim is Patron of HPRD and Colonel of the Reserve.

Earlier this month, the HPRD also congratulated their Patron after the announcement of his appointment as defense attaché in Paris.

Yesterday, it was also announced that the Danish parliament had voted, and with 79 votes in favor and 16 against, it was therefore decided that Prince Joachim will be allowed to receive his annual allowance while working as military attaché in Paris, France for the next 3 years. The condition is that he has to work at the Danish embassy while receiving his allowance. It is further intended that, as far as his new work allows, Prince Joachim must still fulfill his royal obligations. I expect we’ll be hearing more details about the family’s move to Paris and what it means for their royal duties during the summer.

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